New England Patriots

On Tuesday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Zo and Beetle admitted the players also deserve some blame for this season.

  • Coaches deserves a majority of the blame, but it goes beyond that

    Marc Bertrand: Some of this now, this week shifts back to the players on the team and I think the coaching is awful. But it was better this week than it was last and Mac Jones sucked and he’s still pissed off at the coaches. Why?

    Scott Zolak: What do you think they went toward the damn Hoover Dam? They left Tucson early to go see it. No. You stayed out on the West Coast. You didn’t have any family members around. It’s Christmas week. You’re getting close to the holidays. It’s the perfect opportunity to come together as a team. David Andrews told us what in the interview last week. I like it. I like football. I like being around football guys. All they did was meet, watch film and go through walkthroughs. You shouldn’t have had the mental errors that they had on Sunday afternoon. At some point, you know, we sit here, we just sit here and hammer this coaching staff. Is it perfect? No.

    Marc Bertrand: Oh, it’s far from perfect. It’s not good.

    Scott Zolak: I know that. I know they don’t sit there and just watch movies, Christmas movies all week. They go over crap. They got enough leaders on his team, (Devin) McCourty, (Matthew) Slater, the quarterback, Andrews. Trent Browns played a lot of football and so hsd Mike Onwenu. Same thing with Deatrich Wise, (Matthew) Judon, (Josh) Uche now. You got enough team leaders here. Jonathan Jones has been around for a while. Kyle Dugger. This whole team should play better as a team. The personal responsibility of the player needs to be better and needs to be more accountable, or else he needs to get different players next year. Not only coaching changes, but different players.

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