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Zolak & Bertrand

Zolak & Bertrand

Zolak & Bertrand

UPDATE: Following these comments, the NFL released a statement saying Sunday’s Patriots-Bills game remains scheduled as planned as of Tuesday afternoon.

On Zolak & Bertrand, Mike Reiss of ESPN explained that he wouldn’t be shocked if Patriots-Bills isn’t played on Sunday.

  • Reiss' theory on how things could play out...

    Marc Bertrand: So what about Sunday?

    Mike Reiss: I think it’s in question. And to me and again, I have no information. But to me, it’s in question until until you get more information. We want the answer now, obviously, and I think the answer we want is that he’s going to come out of this and be okay. But if we don’t have any information along those lines, I think anything’s in play.

    Marc Bertrand: You would not be shocked if the Patriots game was not played this week?

    Mike Reiss: Would not be shocked.

    Scott Zolak: Wow.

    Mike Reiss: So if you’re the Bills and I think Vic Carucci, and Vic Carucci for those who don’t know is a veteran reporter in Buffalo. It was something along the lines of look the Bills already have a playoff spot locked up. The idea that they say we’ll just take a forfeit on the Bengals game, take a forfeit on the Patriots game and give ourselves the space. Because I think the other thing and I don’t know how much you guys talked about it, I listened a little bit on the way in, is the mental health aspect of this. When you’re a player and you watch this on the field and Beetle, I don’t know, you might be going against me on this…

    Marc Bertrand: No, I’m just I’m going through that scenario.

    Scott Zolak: This is how it affects us, though. You say that then the Patriots are in the playoffs.

    Marc Bertrand: Yeah, if that’s how it plays out, the Patriots are automatically in and those teams that are on the cusp, you know, fighting for that final spot all automatically get eliminated, without there being a sort of a fair play out of the season?

    Mike Reiss: I think it would be very disappointing for them. But I think if there’s one circumstance that they would have to understand a player almost dying on the field and I hope that he comes through, I would hope that they understand.

    Marc Bertrand: I think those guys would be pissed.

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