Zolak & Bertrand

Zolak & Bertrand

Zolak & Bertrand

On Thursday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Albert Breer gave two outside the box names that could call plays for the Patriots next season.

  • Chad O'Shea and Zac Robinson?

    Marc Bertrand: Give us a name. Outside of Bill O’Brien and Kliff Kingsbury, those are the two names that keep getting brought up. Give me just a third name, Bert, to throw into this conversation, just to have something else to kick around here other than those two guys.

    Albert Breer: I’ll give you two.

    Marc Bertrand: All right. Even better.

    Albert Breer: One you’ve heard is Chad O’Shea. Who was the receivers coach here for 10 years, I think this was similar to Brian Daboll. Where Daboll left in 2006 because he felt like he wasn’t going to get promoted anymore and he was sick of getting passed over. So Daboll left and then he wound up coming back like 8 years later, something like that. Right. O’Shea left in large part because he felt like he’d hit his ceiling here and that he wasn’t given assurances that he would replace Josh (McDaniels). And then, you know, Flores gave him the opportunity down in Miami and that was that. And then he goes to Cleveland and what’s interesting about him going to Cleveland is how much have we heard about how Bill is fascinated with (Kyle) Shanahan and the offense?

    Marc Bertrand: Quite a bit.

    Albert Breer: Chad O’Shea just got 3years running that offensive in Cleveland with Kevin Stefanski, who learned the offense from Gary Kubiak. The other name I have for you that’s sort of interesting is Zac Robinson in L.A., who played here. So there’s like some similarity to Kevin O’Connell in that he was a backup quarterback here for a short amount of time, but knows the program, has kind of had a varied experience where he actually was like a quarterback tutor type, you know, like one of these guys like a Jordan Palmer for a little while when he got done playing. I believe he worked for Tom House out in California and then got into coaching and now he’s risen through the ranks of Sean McVay staff to where he’s now the quarterbacks coach and pass game coordinator. He got promoted last year after Kevin O’Connell left, and so he’s an interesting name in that if you wanted to think a little outside the box, here’s a guy who’s been to been in New England as a player, so has like experience having been inside the building and understands what the building’s about, but also like got his coaching experience elsewhere, sort of that’d be similar to Kliff that way.

  • Chad O'Shea

    TEMPE, AZ – JANUARY 30: Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks coach Josh McDaniels and Receivers coach Chad O’Shea look on during the New England Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Practice on January 30, 2015 at the Arizona Cardinals Practice Facility in Tempe, Arizona. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

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