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It’s become plenty clear based on their actions this offseason that the San Francisco 49ers don’t consider Jimmy Garoppolo a long-term option at quarterback. However if there was any doubt left, head coach Kyle Shanahan squashed it in an oddly honest press conference Monday afternoon.

To start, Shanahan admitted the plan is to replace Garoppolo as soon as this season. When asked about Jimmy G’s injury history, the coach replied “be happy we are going to solve that problem this year.” Not exactly pulling punches when describing a guy the team could be looking to trade in the near future.

Speaking of the near future, Shanahan had a what we’ll call an interesting answer when questioned about Garoppolo’s future with the team. Asked if he expects the 29-year-old quarterback to still be on the team’s roster come Sunday, Shanahan somehow turned it into a worst case scenario.

“I can’t guarantee that anybody in the world will be alive Sunday so I can’t guarantee who will be on our roster on Sunday,” he said.

Morbid answer aside, the general concept displayed here is noteworthy to the Patriots. If the Niners are not committed to keeping Garoppolo as their bridge quarterback, that could put him back in play for New England this year via trade (assuming the world population isn’t wiped out first, of course).

That’s not the only time Shanahan may have tipped the organization’s hand regarding future personnel moves. He mentioned that while they have their preferences, the team is “O.K. with taking” any of the top five quarterbacks with the third pick. Admitting the belief that five rookie quarterbacks are better than your current option is once again not a great vote of confidence in Garoppolo from the Niners.

Keep in mind, this is a player that San Francisco gave up a second-round pick to acquire then paid $90 million in guaranteed money. That’s a lofty price they’d probably like to get some sort of return on investment for – all while asking a team to absorb the two remaining $27 million cap hits in Garoppolo’s contract.

The market was more robust for Garoppolo earlier this offseason, when San Francisco still knew full well they were planning to move on from him. By waiting until the draft, and Shanahan’s comments, they now may end up having to pay a team to take him off their hands.

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