Toucher & Hardy

Toucher & Hardy

Fred got back from the ear, nose, and throat doctor yesterday. This morning, he announced he will be taking steroids to decrease the inflammation surrounding his vocal cords.

On Tuesday’s Toucher & Rich program, Rich explains to Fred what happens when you take steroids over a period of time.

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  • Rich: How was the doctor’s office? 

    Fred: Good. I got so many steroids that you wouldn’t believe it. 

    Rich: Great. That’s awesome. What did the doctor say is going on with you? 

    Fred: It’s not my vocal cords. It’s the area surrounding my vocal cords. 

    Rich: Is that good news? I would think that’s good news. 

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  • Fred: Yes, it is good news. I asked questions. Is this anything dietary-related? Is there anything I’m doing wrong?

    And the doctor said, ‘No.’

    He said that I had to take the steroids with food. And there are many, many, many, many steroids. In fact, I have them in my pocket right now because I have to make breakfast here to take my steroids. 

    Rich: Are you going to get jacked? 

    Fred: Well, yeah, I must be shooting HGH. The doctor could tell that I looked vascular. 

    Ryan Johnston: Is Fred going to have roid rage around 8:30 this morning? 

    Fred: Oh, yeah. Yeah. These are definitely those kinds of steroids. But now you guys have me worried about taking them because of the side effects. 

  • Rich: No, no, no, no. This drug is about as good as you can take for what you have. It really works. It’s just that when you’re taking it, you feel gross. It’ll fix you, though. 

    Fred: Alright. I feel gross most of the time anyway. How much worse can it get? 

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