Zolak & Bertrand

Zolak & Bertrand

Zolak & Bertrand

On Monday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Scott Zolak made it clear the NFL has a massive officiating problem.

  • There's no other way to frame it

    Hardy: I still side with Zo a little bit in that the refs have more to do with deciding that game than you think.

    Scott Zolak: It was so one-sided.

    Beetle: Okay, on which plays?

    Hardy: Just go with the punt. Start there with the punt.

    Scott Zolak: Two blocks in the back on the punt return, the Mahomes actual scramble there were three holds in the interior of the line that were uncalled. I’m just talking about plays that weren’t even called, yet alone their debacles on their calls.

    Beetle: Were those non-calls inconsistent with the rest of that game and I would tell you that they were not. They were not inconsistent with the rest of that game.

    Scott Zolak: I mean, I don’t know how you fix it. The NFL has a massive, massive officiating problem.

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