Zolak & Bertrand

Zolak & Bertrand

Zolak & Bertrand

On Thursday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Albert Breer revealed that Tom Brady vouched for Bill O’Brien as head coach back in 2017.

  • There was enough tension between Brady and Belichick...

    Marc Bertrand: We’re going to clarify this. You can’t keep talking now. You’ve got to clarify. Was (Tom) Brady talking to the graphs about Bill O’Brien being a coordinator or being the team’s head coach?

    Scott Zolak: It’s not because it’s one or the other.

    Marc Bertrand: A or B.

    Albert Breer: Head coach. At the time, it was because there was enough tension there, and ’17 there was enough tension there where this thing could come undone and it was, what do we do if this thing comes undone? And if the thing comes undone, then like, who would who would we have as our next head coach? (Bill) O’Brien was obviously a name that they would have some interest in and like you said before, there was the chance that the thing in Houston was going to blow up and because Rick Smith was so close with ownership, the Texans ownership down there…

    Marc Bertrand: Yeah, they clung on to talk to him forever.

    Albert Breer: Well yeah, the owners there like I believe Cal McNair is the godfather for one of Rick Smith’s sons.

    Scott Zolak: Never want to mix family and business, Bert, you know, or add more family members when you don’t need to.

    Albert Breer: There was the feeling there that they were going to lose, that O’Brien was going to lose the power struggle. And if he lost the power struggle, well then he was going to be freed up potentially to come back.

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