New England Patriots

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones gets excited during pregame warmups before his first NFL start.

The jump from college football to the NFL is tough for any rookie, but Shaun Wade’s transition is a little more difficult than most. After spending all of training camp with the Baltimore Ravens, he was traded to the Patriots just days before their final preseason game.

As Wade entered the new situation, even fellow rookies were ahead of him, having been in the Patriots organization for a few months. On Thursday, Wade spoke with the media for the first time since arriving in New England, and asked if he had any friends he reached out to for an inside look on what it’s like to play for the Patriots.

“Uh, I didn’t talk to Mac Jones, but I knew Mac Jones,” Wade shared. “Me and Mac Jones have actually played 7-on-7 together, when we was younger – in high school. So we already know each other. I know his parents, his parents know my parents. He went to Bolles, I went to Trinity, those are the top two schools in Jacksonville. So me and Mac Jones are already close. We already have a connection.”

Small world, right?

Mac was the same as he is today,” Wade said, when asked what the 15th-overall pick was like in high school. “I feel like, 7-on-7, playing with us, he got that grit and just -how he acts right now, I feel like that came from 7-on-7, playing with us. Mac’s the same person.”

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