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HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 05: Tom Brady Sr. looks on during Super Bowl 51 between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons at NRG Stadium on February 5, 2017 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The NFL released the 2021 schedule Wednesday night, which gave us an official date for Tom Brady’s return to Foxborough. Brady and the defending Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers will visit Gillette Stadium October 3, for the Week 4 Sunday night game.

On Thursday morning, Brady’s father, Tom Brady Sr., called into Zolak & Bertrand to express his excitement about not just his son’s return, but his family’s return to the northeast.

“It’s been our home for 20 years, we love Boston,” the elder Brady said, calling it the family’s “second home.” “It’s been a very special place in our heart for so many years,” he continued.

However, his excitement about returning isn’t just about the return itself. “I saw the schedule come out last night and I started salivating when I saw that we play the Patriots in the fourth game of the season, and that we’re coming up here to make our record 4-0,” he said. “We expect to beat the Patriots handily.”

Brady Sr. expects a warm welcome for his son’s homecoming, but doesn’t expect it to last. “I think that the fans at Gillette will embrace him until the opening kick off, and then they’ll boo the hell out of him,” he predicted. “I think the fans appreciate everything he did for them for 20 years, but at the same time they’re Patriots’ fans.”

Given the way the schedule lines up, there’s a chance Brady could break the NFL’s regular season passing yards record that Sunday night, which his father said would be “a little cherry on top” of the moment. He also pointed out that Brady has held the total career passing yardage record (regular season and playoffs) for some time, but said “it will be fun” if his son could add another notch to his belt against his former team.

As for Brady Sr. himself, while we won’t be cheering on the Patriots on that specific Sunday, he’s still a Patriots fan, calling them his “second-favorite team.”

“I get to have a favorite team in the AFC and I got a favorite team in the NFC,” he explained. “And then they play on the fourth week of the year. So it’s been a really – I’m thrilled for this.”

As for his son’s feelings towards the Patriots, Brady Sr. says that while he’s enjoying his time in Tampa, there’s no ill will towards those back in New England.

“How do you do anything but appreciate everything that the Krafts have done for him, and Belichick has done for him? The coaching staff – these guys have been in the trenches for 20 years together,” Brady Sr. said, before adding what some might say is a bold projection for his son’s future. “So while he’s happy now, I think he’s starting to realize that the end of the career is coming to an end and he’s just savoring every moment as he walks down the final stretch, whether it’s next one year, or two years, or 12 years.”

12 more years for No. 12? It seems ridiculous, but with Tom Brady, it’s hard to rule anything out.

You can listen to the full conversation between Tom Brady Sr. and Zolak & Bertrand below:

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