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???? Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade History Revealed In #AugmentedReality

In our AR "Time Capsule" series, we see how the ReplayAR app uses augmented reality technology to overlay historical images on present-day locations. For thi...

As this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is reimagined and reinvented for life in the age of COVID-19, a new video made using augmented reality is offering an unconventional way to witness past parades firsthand.

The video was shot on an iPhone 11 using an app that overlays historical photographs onto the real-world locations where they were taken, ReplayAR.

“As I was capturing the footage, it felt like I was a kid again, watching the parade broadcast on TV in the 80’s and 90’s,” Brandon Martin, Co-Founder and CMO of ReplayAR said.

“Now I was able to crawl into that old TV from my childhood and actually be there in real life right where it happened.”

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