Matt & Ty are back with another hour on the Sports Hub Sidelines podcast. Plenty to get to in the world of New England sports, but first they talk about the horrible back problems they’ve had lately as they struggle with their adulting. But eventually the guys discuss the Patriots’ win over the Dolphins in the first game of the Cam Newton era (7:05). They also get into Tom Brady’s debut with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which did not go so well for the 43-year-old (13:33). Back to the Patriots and what lies ahead, including a tough matchup with the Seattle Seahawks and what needs to improve moving forward (18:03).

The guys then switch gears to the Celtics, who lost Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals to the Miami Heat. Is it fair to expect Jayson Tatum to be a championship-caliber superstar at age 21? Is Jimmy Butler simply more ready for this moment than Tatum? (37:32) Finally, they get into the Dallas Stars and ex-Bruins Anthon Khudobin and Tyler Seguin getting back to the Stanley Cup Final before Boston. Ty tells his favorite Khudobin stories. Plus: what is this offseason going to look like for the Bruins, after Cam Neely notably said they need to be “brutally honest” about their situation? (48:42)

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