Celtics blown out by Clippers, 140-115

The trip out West for Kyrie Irving and the Celtics had seemingly worked wonders for the team. They defeated the Warriors in blowout fashion, won a close rock-fight with the Kings the next night, and dominated LeBron's Lakers on Saturday. Given the mounting frustration of everything that came before this, it was exactly what this team needed.…

Is Gordon Hayward's game finally coming around?

By Ty Anderson, 985TheSportsHub.com What you've seen in the last 24 hours, first against the Golden State Warriors and then against the Sacramento Kings, is exactly what the Celtics thought they were getting in Gordon Hayward before That Night in Cleveland. Hint, hint: It's all kinds of awesome. In what finished as a 111-109 win…

Mazz: Celtics Performance Should Inspire Hope - and Some Anger

So we’ll say it again: don’t make too much of this. If the Celtics go out and revert tonight against the Sacramento Kings, last night’s win becomes nothing more than another outlier. We need to see something reasonably consistent from this team – over an extended period of time – before we can even begin to believe that have cured of the selfishness and pettiness that has plagued them all season. That said, the basketball last night was, at times, scintillating.