Boston Bruins

The Sports Hub Sidelines podcast is back with the first episode in over two months. Matt Dolloff and Ty Anderson of 98.5 The Sports Hub have a lot to get to, with the coronavirus lockdown factoring into all of it.

The podcast starts off with “cannibal rats”, their own rat stories, and Ty’s war with an angry mob of Blues fans on Twitter. (0-18:45) The NHL may only allow broadcasters at games, while all other media coverage could be done virtually. Matt & Ty discuss the new challenges facing media without locker room access and how they have to adapt. (18:46–24:45) The guys get into golf topics before a sudden left turn into movie talk and what they’ve been watching during quarantine. (24:46-41:46)

Matt & Ty are getting restless and itching to get back to supporting local businesses as summer arrives, but the restrictions in Mass. have been a source of frustration. (41:47-1:00:24) The guys finally get into the new NHL playoff format and how it affects the Bruins. (1:00:25-1:24:20) To close the show, Ty has a wild story about his mom and a stray dog. But it seems all too normal in a time like this. (1:24:21-1:37:26)

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