Full interview: Gary Myers joins Zolak & Bertrand to address controversial Tom Brady report

Longtime NFL writer Gary Myers of the New York Daily News joined Zolak & Bertrand on Tuesday to address his report that Tom Brady's relationship with Josh McDaniels had deteriorated in New England. Brady refuted Myers' report on his Instagram account.

Myers told Zolak & Bertrand that his "initial source" was well-placed, to the point that everyone would believe him if he revealed the source's identity.

"It's just from people that I really trust, that had really good knowledge of what was going on there last year, and I'm probably just gonna leave it at that," Myers said. "If I was to tell you who told me that, and exactly how they know it, nobody out there would question the correctness of my report. It's that good a source."

Listen above for the full interview with Gary Myers on Zolak & Bertrand.