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The 2020 NFL Draft is still expected to happen on time, which means the Felger & Mazz Big Board is back and bigger than it’s ever been. And if past results are any indication, if you’re at all interested in whom the Patriots might draft, the Big Board is worth your attention.

Mike & Tony have no current sports leagues to talk about, but the NFL offseason is still proceeding without delays. So for the 2020 NFL Draft, they decided to cover every single position one-by-one. They’ve looked at four positions so far, and on Thursday turned to the defense. That continues on Friday.

Felger & Mazz chucked a bunch of markers at draft magazines to predict potential Patriots at defensive end on Friday afternoon. Here’s a quick look at the prospects they hit.

A.J. Epenesa, Iowa

NFL Draft: Iowa defensive lineman A.J. Epenesa is a selection on the Felger & Mazz Big Board. (Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports)

Nov 17, 2018; Champaign, IL, USA; Iowa Hawkeyes defensive end A.J. Epenesa (94) sacks Illinois Fighting Illini quarterback AJ Bush Jr. (1) during the second quarter at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

From NFL.com: “Epenesa won’t just out-run tackles to the edge, but he’s a skilled rusher whose diversity of attack, skilled hands and unique bull-rushing instincts could help him deliver his college sack production in the pros. He can play end in a 4-3 or 3-4 and could leap from good to great with additional work on technique and explosiveness.”


Felger: “‘Epenesa’s speed, athleticism, and bend isn’t elite’. … What does ‘bend’ mean?”

Mazz: “You got me, I have no idea, it’s got to have something to do with … technique, right?”

Alton Robinson, Syracuse

NFL Draft: Syracuse defensive lineman Alton Robinson is a selection on the Felger & Mazz Big Board. (Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images)

SYRACUSE, NY – SEPTEMBER 22: David Pindell #5 of the Connecticut Huskies runs with the ball while being tackled by Alton Robinson (back) and Chris Slayton #95 of the Syracuse Orange during the first quarter at the Carrier Dome on September 22, 2018 in Syracuse, New York. Syracuse defeated Connecticut 51-21. (Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images)

From NFL.com: “Twitched-up edge rusher with exciting potential to become a disruptive factor in NFL backfields with a more skilled and willful approach. Robinson has the burst and bend to become a pass rushing problem for tackles early in his career, but his approach is too “one-trick” and needs workable counters to become less predictable.”


Felger: “‘Spatial reasoning’. You’ve got to be freaking kidding me.”

Mazz: “He’s like my wife, he can’t pack a car.”

Jonathan Garvin, Miami

NFL Draft: Miami defensive lineman Jonathan Garvin is a selection on the Felger & Mazz Big Board. (Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

Aug 24, 2019; Orlando, FL, USA; Miami Hurricanes defensive lineman Jonathan Garvin (97) during the second half at Camping World Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

From NFL.com: “Traits-based edge defender capable of playing 4-3 end or 3-4 rush linebacker. … Garvin has Day 2 talent, but may not go until Day 3. However, there might be gold to mine if a coach can get it out of him.”


Felger: “I don’t think they like the bendy guys. They want you to sit there and fill your gap and stay in your lane and not go too far upfield.”

Mazz: “I’ve come to the point where I look for all kinds of warts on these guys, and then I think, ‘There’s the perfect Patriot.'”

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The Felger & Mazz Big Board continues Monday, April 13.