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The 2020 NFL Draft is still expected to happen on time, which means the Felger & Mazz Big Board is back and more expanded than ever.

This time, considering the guys have a lot of time on their hands, they decided to cover every single position. They’ve looked at guards, centers, and offensive tackles so far. Now it’s time to start looking at the defense.

To continue the 2020 big board season on Thursday, Felger & Mazz chucked a bunch of markers at draft magazines to predict potential Patriots at the defensive tackle position. Here’s a quick look at the players they hit.

Raekwon Davis, Alabama

NFL Draft: Alabama defensive tackle Raekwon Davis is a selection on the Felger & Mazz Big Board. (Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports)

Raekwon Davis. (Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports)

From NFL.com: “Rugged and powerful with elite physical traits, Davis has the ability to impose his will on opponents and dominate at the point of attack. … Despite possessing unique traits and the potential to dominate, his upside could be a moving target based upon maturity level and continued growth as a rusher. He should be a first-round pick who can come in and start right away for an odd or even front defense.”


Felger: “He’s got some flexibility there, plays inside-outside. That’s big for them.”

Raequan Williams, Michigan State

NFL Draft: Michigan State defensive tackle Raequan Williams is a selection on the Felger & Mazz Big Board. (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Raequan Williams. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

From NFL.com: “Williams is long-legged and plays with below-average bend and twitch. He struggles to hold the point versus angle blocks but shows an ability to get skinny and disrupt in the backfield. He’s not as long as he looks but has versatility to play in odd or even fronts at a variety of spots. His bull rush generates pocket push and might translate, but he needs to keep adding strength and counters to diversify his rush plan. He’s a backup-caliber interior defender worthy of a Day 3 selection.”


Felger: “‘He’s a slow-burn rusher who doesn’t find penetration very often.’ Poor fella.”

Mazz: “Hard way to live.”

Robert Windsor, Penn State

NFL Draft: Penn State defensive tackle Robert Windsor is a selection on the Felger & Mazz Big Board. (Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports)

Robert Windsor. (Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports)

From NFL.com: “Undersized interior lineman who lacks explosive quickness and power to compensate for his lack of mass. Windsor doesn’t carry a very broad frame, so he might have issues packing on good weight to withstand the rigors of the NFL game. … Undersized interior linemen without a great pass rush have a hard time sticking around for long so he’ll need to get bigger and better with his hands to have a shot at making a team.”


Felger: “‘He lacks gap discipline in the run game’ – ahh forget this guy.”

Mazz: “Well they can teach him that.”

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