One of the hurdles that’s still being fought when it comes to mental health is the stigma surrounding various disorders.  Depressed Cake Shop recognized that and is using its baking powers to fight that stigma and spread awareness.

Depressed Cake Shop was started in 2013 by U.K. creative director and P.R. specialist Emma Thomas.  Her goal was simple:  Create a pop-up bakery, invite local bakers to sell their cakes in order to raise money and awareness about mental health issues.  The catch for the bakers was that their cakes had to be gray, but could utilize “a pop of color to symbolize hope.”

Since then, this concept has taken off with various Depressed Cake Shop pop-ups appearing all over the world, and the sad on the outside, beautiful on the inside treats are a major hit on social media.  Just look at some of these images from the Depressed Cake Shop’s Instagram!

To see if a Depressed Cake Shop is popping up near you, check out, and follow their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages!

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