Wicked Fall Guide

Wicked Fall Guide

Wicked Fall Guide

25 September 2022, Lower Saxony, Laatzen: A ripe apple hangs from an apple tree at the Hahne orchard in the Gleidingen district of Laatzen. Photo: Michael Matthey/dpa (Photo by Michael Matthey/picture alliance via Getty Images)

With tomorrow being my 8th wedding anniversary, we’ve decided to do what every couple does on their anniversary, eat. But, it’s now fall, which begs the question: where can I go apple picking? Usually, apple picking comes from these four categories:

You take small children, to create a memory

You’re on a third date, in hopes to get a forth

Jaybeau’s 8th wedding anniversary, shooting for #9

You love that first bite of a freshly grown apple

All of the above

Where Can I Go Apple Picking?

With the eating yummy cider donuts, apple cider, apple pie, apple cobbler and of course, apples, we felt we needed to compliment that with exercise. So I did some pickin’ around near where I live to find a list of the most popular apple orchards in Central Massachusetts. Some of the things I require:

Horses and hayrides

Tractors (cuz I like tractors)

Lots of apple trees, that are short enough where I don’t need a ladder

Apple cider donuts, hot and made fresh

The smell of apple cider donuts, hot and made fresh

Apple cider

Happy smiling kids, that remind me of my childhood

Happy smiling kids, that remind me of when my kids where small, before they became texting adults

Apple Orchards in Central Massachusetts

I always enjoy meeting the owners of these orchards, In many cases, these wonders of nature are handed down to generation of generation. It’s always fun to meet a kid who knows more than me about apple growing. You know from a young age, they are taught what it’s like to be a mom and pop orchard business. Usually, that young kid grows up to go to school, become a brilliant lawyer, only to come back home to run the family business. Then in a twist, he meet the jaded, big city girl of his dreams, who happens to stumble on to the orchard because of a car breakdown. Oh wait, that’s a holiday Hallmark Channel Movie. Sorry.

So, it’s time we get to business and answer this important fall question: where can I go apple picking?

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