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5 Holiday Work Party Mistakes That Could Ruin You

Before you put on that great suit, or perfect dress, tap the breaks and take a look at 5 holiday work party mistakes that could slow down your amazing ride to the top! It's that time of year Boston! The time where the at-work holiday party email goes out. Hey, there is nothing wrong with a few free drinks and some great expensive food with your co-workers, consumed on the company dime, right? Sure, why not. There is a lot of new gossip going around. Add to that, the new person at the cubicle across from me is single. What better time and place to catch on the new office gossip and check out that new co-worker, right? WRONG. If you are NOT careful, it's a time for holiday work party mistakes that could RUIN you. Holiday Party Topics You Should NOT Discuss You're probably saying, stop being dramatic! It's just some drinks with co-workers. Ask CNBC. The number ONE topic you should NOT discuss at your holiday work party, is work. Work therapist and career coach Brandon Smith says: “Use this as an opportunity to socialize about topics that are non-business. “Talk about family. Talk about where the person is from or other interests. Anything that is not specific to work projects.”  While you don't want to talk about work, you CAN use this time to say hello and welcome a new supervisor that has been too busy to meet everyone. Maybe do a little homework, find out where they came from, and open with that. Make a good positive impression, so when they see you in the office during work hours they will remember you and appreciate that you took the time to introduce yourself. I always taught myself not to be fearful of being mildly assertive with your supervisor at the right moment. Remember, once they were YOU, wanting to move up. A successful go-getter, will spot an up and coming, go-getter. So now that we know how to meet the new boss, let's take a look at the 5 Holiday Work Party Mistakes That Could RUIN You.

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