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Two of the 5 Top-Rated Breweries in America are in Massachusetts

Hop-heads already know: we have some absolutely legendary beers coming out of Massachusetts - in fact the top-rated brewery in the entire country is here in Massachusetts. Untappd keeps a running tally of the top-rated breweries in the United States. Their list shows the top breweries, based on their "weighted average formula." The formula rates all breweries against each-other and gives weight to their beers with higher rating count. A brewery must have at least 1,000 ratings and at least 5 beers in their portfolio to qualify for their list. As far as the country goes, I found U.S. data and these are the top-selling beers in all of America. This will look very different than the "top-rated breweries" list below. The top selling beer in America in 2022 was Budweiser, which sold $6.49 BILLION worth of it's product. Modelo came in second, followed by Michelob which finished 2022 in third place. Craft and small breweries have a rich history in Massachusetts, dating back to the colonial era when local taverns brewed their own ales. In the late 19th century, a wave of German immigrants brought brewing expertise, contributing to the state's brewing culture. Prohibition dealt a blow to the industry, but it rebounded in the late 20th century with pioneers like Jim Koch, who founded Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston in 1984. The Massachusetts craft beer scene has since flourished, boasting numerous innovative breweries producing diverse styles. This resurgence has revitalized the state's brewing heritage, offering both locals and visitors a taste of its flavorful history. Before I give you the 7 Top-Rated Breweries in America, let's give you two other interesting recent Massachusetts beer news stories to gulp down: Massachusetts Has the Two WORST Cities in America for Rooftop Drinking? Massachusetts Golfers Drink the Least Beer Alright, here are the Top 7 Top-Rated Breweries in America - featuring two appearances by Mass breweries! *applause*

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