New England Patriots

New England Patriots

New England Patriots

  • The second Saturday of December features a rare occurrence during football season. It’s one of the few times that there’s just one game on with the whole nation watching. That game of course is Army-Navy, with the 123rd playing taking place this year in Philadelphia. It’s one of the oldest, more storied, and most competitive rivalries in college football history.

    Next year, the game will be held in the New England region for the first time ever, taking place at Gillette Stadium. Ahead of the event coming to town, here’s a look at what to expect from the sights and sounds of this year’s game.

    Even before the game, the event makes an impact. Walking around the city there were constants signs and events celebrating the game. Next year, such events will take place around both Boston and Providence.

    On game day, a big part of the Army-Navy Game is the pomp and circumstance that precedes it. That’s highlighted by ‘March On,’ when thousands of Cadets and Midshipmen file onto the field before taking their seats.

  • There’s also a number of events that take place immediately prior to the game. Those highlights include the coin toss with dignitaries from the Military, each academy’s marathon team delivering the game balls, and paratroopers landing on the field. Another notable moment is the ‘prisoner exchange,’ when cadets and midshipmen who have been at the other academy on an exchange program return to their side for the first time.

    One of the most iconic parts of the whole game is the runouts. Instead of having the flyover during the National Anthem like with most football games, each Academy has a flyover as the team comes out of the tunnel.

  • When it gets to the game itself, it’s truly a big-time college football environment. The 2022 game had an official attendance of just under 70,000 fans, and that crowd was felt every bit.

  • Perhaps the most well-known Army-Navy tradition comes postgame though. Both teams join each other for the singing of the schools’ almae matres. The losing team sings first followed by the winning team, to the point where “singing second” has become an informal way of saying which team won the game.

  • Next year won’t just be a change of venue, but the first time the game has ever been held north of New York City. For more on next year’s game, including how to get tickets, check out our interview with Executive Director of Special Events for Kraft Sports + Entertainment Phil Buttafuoco below.

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