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White Christmas in Massachusetts? These 10 Towns Have a Shot

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas in Massachusetts, here's a handful of towns where it might actually happen.   I'm hoping my town makes the list. Sure, it's cliche, but there's a certain magic to when it snows on Christmas Eve and you wake up to a soft blanket of white on Christmas morning. We've seen that scene come to life in countless holiday films, and of course the concept was immortalized way back in 1954. But even before that, many of us privileged enough to live in snowy climes have always secretly hoped for Christmas snow.   The team at BetMassachusetts recently polled adults across America, asking them if they're hoping for a white Christmas this year. Nationwide, 59% of Americans said they're hopeful that their Christmas will be white. Here in Massachusetts, 63% of residents polled want a white Christmas. To be honest, I'm surprised that number isn't higher. But that's just how the numbers broke down this time.   White Christmas in Massachusetts? These 10 Towns Have Good Odds So how the hell did they come up with this list? They looked at climate data, of course! "Between 1991 and 2020, weather data from Climate.gov shows how often each state has received at least 1 inch of snow on December 25th, highlighting the probability of a white Christmas." So you take that data, put together your prognostications, and voila: a white Christmas list.   Of course, I'm focusing on Massachusetts. So take a look and see if your town made the Top 10 and what the odds are that you'll get a white Christmas there. And while we're on the subject, don't forget our Wicked Holiday Guide, chock-full of festive things to do in and around the Boston area this holiday season, as well as fun holiday traditions, cocktails, and recipes. And cocktails. Did we mention the cocktails?

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