Wicked Winter Guide

Wicked Winter Guide

Did you know mittens are almost always warmer than gloves? They keep your hands warmer, because there’s skin-to-skin contact, and your fingers share body heat.

Here are four more tips that can help you out in cold weather.

  • 1. Bubble wrap your windows

    A lot of the heat in your house escapes through windows, even if they’re sealed well.
    So if you still have bubble wrap left over from Christmas, stick the flat side to a window, and it’ll act like insulation. You don’t even have to tape it. Just spray the window with a little water, and it should stick. The only drawback is, it looks stupid.

  • 2. Ice-proof your windshield with vinegar

    Mix three parts vinegar and one part water, spray it on your windshield, and there won’t be ice stuck to it the next morning. Or you can use it to melt ice that’s already there.

  • 3. Prep your snow shovel with cooking spray

    That way, snow won’t stick to it while you’re shoveling. You can also just rub it down with vegetable oil.

  • 4. Put zip ties on your bike tires

    Stagger them around each tire, about half-an-inch apart, and then cut the excess plastic off. They should act like snow chains, so you get more traction.

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