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Boston’s Official Christmas Tree is Here and it’s Story Will Warm Your Heart

Boston's official Christmas Tree has arrived! The tree is a yearly gift to Boston from Nova Scotia. The tradition began in 1917, as a gesture of gratitude and solidarity. In 1917 a munitions ship exploded in Halifax, Nova Scotia, causing widespread devastation. Boston, having experienced its own devastating fire in 1872, quickly sent aid to Halifax. In 1918, Halifax responded with a gift of a Christmas tree to express their gratitude. The annual tradition continued, symbolizing the lasting friendship between the two cities. The Nova Scotia tree is the tree you see in Boston Common and this year's tree has a sweet story. The tree arrived in Boston Common on Tuesday after a long trip from Stewiacke, Nova Scotia. It's a 45-foot white spruce and comes from the property of Bette Gourley who donated the tree. She said the tree was planted 40 years ago - and here's where I think the story becomes very sweet. Bette says she and her family decorated it every year for Christmas until it got too tall. So for decades, as the tree grew, a family paid it special loving attention - dressing it up festively. Little did they know that their practice and enjoyment and love was a dress rehearsal for the tree's big moment - the annual Christmas Tree lighting at Boston Common! Boston's tree lighting ceremony on Boston Common is scheduled for Thursday, November 30th. The tree will remain in the Common all holiday season. Stop by and say "hi," it's been preparing for this it's whole life. Let's keep that holiday spirit going! Elf is celebrating it's 20th anniversary! Here's 8 fun facts about the movie that you can throw out while watching with your friends and family while guzzling syrup straight from the container: [select-listicle listicle_id="1133906" syndication_name="8-fun-facts-about-elf-to-celebrate-its-20th-anniversary" description="no"]

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