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Massachusetts Residents to Spend 6% More on the Holidays – Wanna See the $$$ Total?

A friend of mine posted a photo on social today of a big box store who's already stocking and hocking Valentine's Day decorations and products. No, no, and no way. Hallmark is waiting in the bushes, stalking our holiday good times, ready to pounce! But not yet because I have holiday stats to make you merry! (Actually, the dollar total that the average Massachusetts resident is spending on the holidays this year is probably not going to make you very merry but I digress.) The elfish team at Scholaroo looked at 10 years of past data from each of the 50 states and combined that with holiday projections for Holiday 2023 to determine ballpark how much residents from each state will be spending on the holidays this year. Surprisingly the study showed that Mississippi residents will spend the most on the holidays this year. Mississippi is one of the poorest states in America - BUT - they're still strong with the holiday spirit and opening their wallets to unleash some holiday cheer. Massachusetts finished over 6% above the national average as far as this year's holiday spending goes. Are you ready for the number? You want to see what the average Massachusetts resident will spend on the holidays this year? Ok. Hold on to your Christmas bonnet... The average person in Massachusetts will spend $1,293.88 on the holidays this year. Personally speaking, that next paycheck can't come soon enough. It also makes me wonder how much Santa spends every year because if the average person spends almost $1,300 I don't even want to see his yearly all-in receipt! (Actually to be honest I'd love to sneak a peek at that. LOL) Let's keep that Christmas content coming!! Curious which Massachusetts towns are most likely to get themselves a White Christmas this year? We know! Hit play on the YouTube video below to set the mood while you look for your town below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOkyBqGw2Wg [select-listicle listicle_id="1141379" syndication_name="white-christmas-in-massachusetts-these-10-towns-have-a-shot" description="no"]

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