Wicked Fall Guide

Wicked Fall Guide

You know that dude that pops up on social media this time of year every year, with his theatrical black shirt and pants and huge pumpkin head? That’s me, dancing my face off out of excitement for another Halloween. I stopped trick or treating soooooo long ago but there’s still something about Halloween that gets my blood pumping. I think I love the creativity: you can be something beautiful or straight up nasty. You can decorate your house in so many different ways…. or not decorate your house at all.

Many other people (especially the kiddos) love Halloween for all the sweet treats this time of year. How many Reese’s Pumpkins have you eaten so far this year. I personally lost count some time in early September.

Dr. Kevin Sands, a board-certified cosmetic dentist based in Beverly Hills, California, has stepped forward to say: NOT ALL HALLOWEEN CANDY IS CREATED EQUAL. Some is bad. But some is really, reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy bad. In fact, he says there are 6 candies to try to avoid at all costs on Halloween… and, in case you’re reading this article on some random March day, just in general.

And though he gave us “The Avoid These 5,” he also gave us some not-as-bad options and they include CHOCOLATE so hey, this ain’t that bad, right?
Dr. Sands says chocolate, powdered candy, Smarties, yogurt-covered raisins, nuts, popcorn, and sugar-free gum are all better options for Halloween and snacking in general. Much of this obviously should be eaten in moderation. Just because chocolate is listed as a better option, it doesn’t mean it’s fruit. LOL

Now the bad news…
This list may hurt a little but these are 5 candies you should absolutely skip this Halloween according to Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Kevin Sands.
Wanna know more about the Beverly Hills dentist with the trick or treat tips?! Check him out RIGHT HERE!


    Hard candies pose a risk of breaking or chipping your teeth. But even if you’re not a candy-biter, these candies are no good because since they’re in your mouth for a prolonged period of time it gives bacteria with a long sugar feast. Ew. Avoid.

    worst Halloween candy unhealthy


    I love gummies but I love my fillings being in my teeth more. The doctor says taffy and caramels are especially bad so: avoid.

    worst Halloween candy unhealthy


    The doctor says that many sour candies have almost as much as high of a pH level as an alkaline battery! This can wear the enamel on your teeth down in a jiffy. Avoid.

    worst Halloween candy unhealthy


    These should be ok, right? Wrong, says the Beverly Hills dentist. Sugar-free candies often contain citric acid, which despite having way less sugar, can still wear down enamel so avoid.

    worst Halloween candy unhealthy


    Besides being a risk to fillings, chewy candies like nougat and toffee can stick to the teeth then here comes the bacteria. Best to avoid.

    worst Halloween candy unhealthy

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