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Unfortunately they didn’t show it on TV, but YouTube for the win! If you missed Tom Brady’s address to Patriots fans at halftime at Gillette Stadium, here it is!

Patriots owner Robert Kraft said he’ll waive the 4 year wait and put Tom Brady in the Patriots Hall of Fame next spring. Kraft said, “For the first time ever, we will host a Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Gillette Stadium for the man who led us to 6 Super Bowls and wore number 12… we’re going to hold it in this stadium 6-12-24.”

Tom Brady's Speech to New England Patriots Fans: "I'm A Patriot For Life!"

Tom Brady: “What a day! The run out was a little longer than it used to be. I’m not quite in game shape. But it’s impossible for me to be in this stadium full of you amazing fans, with some of the best teammates, with my family and all my friends, and not run out like I did for 20 years.

This is an incredible celebration for me, for our family, for my teammates, for all of us to come back and thank you guys for what you’ve done for us. I was so fortunate to be drafted here 2 decades ago, 23 years to be exact… not even knowing where New England was on the map… and not that we put it on the map, but I think a lot more people in the U.S. know where the New England Patriots play.

Thank you RKK and the Kraft family, Coach Belichick, all the staff, the coaches, my teammates, you fans. Nobody 23 years ago would have imagined that this journey would bring us here today. We had 6 championships. We had a lot of countless memories in this stadium, celebrating wins against great teams in Foxborough weather like today – where we loved seeing the opponents come in and worry what the conditions are gonna be like.

We dealt with whatever came out way… a lot of adversities… and it toughened us up. We, as a team, represented you guys every time we took the field. It’s one of my core beliefs there is nothing significant in life that can be accomplished as an individual. It’s always about the team. We built a culture of teammates that cared about 2 things. They cared about each other and they cared about winning. If you didn’t care about those 2 things, you did not last here very long… and we were very happy to play against you.

So I think we proved to America what teamwork was all about. Believing in each other, believing in playing for this community, and believing and playing for a common mission, we were able to pour out 6 of those banners and celebrate them in this stadium.

All of our lives take us to on different journeys and different places. They bring different people into our lives but one thing I am sure of, and that will never change. I am a Patriot for life!

Thank you guys for an incredible day. Thank you to my teammates, my family, my friends, my second family, and all of you guys for making it another day in this stadium I’ll never forget. I love you guys so much and I’ll see you again next summer.”


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