New England Patriots

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Welcome to the third and final NFL Mock Draft of the 2021 season here at Scroll down to see who we have going at each and every pick of the first round.

In this final installment, we decided to go nuts and have the Patriots trade up for a quarterback. Though such a move seems unlikely for the Patriots, in this case we had Bill Belichick’s guy fall to his range. It’s our mock draft and we can do what we want, dammit. Fans will either be thrilled or furious at who the Patriots take, as is tradition in the draft. But at the end of the day, we’re all guessing.

So, we decided to guess what it would look like if the Patriots surprised everyone and actually traded up for a QB. If it does happen, this seems to be a more likely scenario than moving all the way from 15 to 4.

So anyway, here’s how it went for the 98.5 the Sports Hub NFL Mock Draft 3.0, with analysis from our own Matt Dolloff and Alex Barth

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