Matt & Ty are back for another episode of the Sports Hub Sidelines podcast. However, with the 2020 presidential election results unfolding on Tuesday night and well into Wednesday, the guys aren’t sticking to sports because at this point, who is? They kick off with election talk and a discussion about the future of the country. Will our discourse calm down to something more reasonable, or has Donald Trump permanently damaged the culture to the point that everything will be polarized and chaotic? Matt also has an update on his doppelgänger in Denver (21:40).

Back to sports…the Patriots are 2-5 and Tom Brady’s Bucs are 6-2. Matt has a bone to pick with any Patriots “fans” who turned their back on the team to root for the Bucs because they have Brady (25:32). The Patriots themselves have their share of problems, though, including a quarterback who is coming up short in big moments (28:57). Also, has Bill Belichick’s subpar drafting in the first two rounds finally come back to bite him? (35:05)

Finally, the guys transition to the next NHL season and the Bruins. The league is going to shorten net season, which will be beneficiary for the Bruins and their aging core. What are Matt & Ty looking for in next year’s Bruins team? Who needs to take a step forward for them to feel good about the next era? (49:29)

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