Matt Dolloff – not THAT Matt Dolloff – is back from a vacation for a new episode of the Sports Hub Sidelines podcast with Ty Anderson. Matt’s had a weird couple of weeks after a man with the same name shot and killed someone in Denver. Matt talks about that surreal experience, plus what he did while on vacation in Seattle. Eventually, the guys get into a disappointing loss for the Patriots and their expectations for a tough upcoming schedule (12:23). They then go on a tangent with crazy stories about fights, scandals, and bubble gum in their high school days (23:48).

Later on, Matt & Ty get into the Bruins’ offseason so far. The team has disappointed with its lack of external additions via free agency or trades, while they may also lose both Torey Krug and Zdeno Chara. How do the guys feel about the defense moving forward? Did they do enough with their forward group? What’s the expectation for the team if they make no more additions? (30:25)

Matt circles back to his doppelganger and that wild story out of Denver. Could Matt possibly show his face in that city without coming up with alias or using a fake ID? (59:08) Matt also gives a quick preview of what to expect on the Sports Hub website, including a look at Patriots-49ers (1:02:10). And just before they sign off, they rattle off a bunch of scary movies that they’re looking to watch before Halloween (1:03:34).

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