Boston Bruins

Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk joined Toucher and Rich on Wednesday to discuss the latest with the B’s, just as the NHL is about to return. DeBrusk revealed what he knows about the David Pastrnak situation, what he’s been up to during the coronavirus shutdown, and what to expect when the Bruins head to Toronto for the playoffs. Listen to the full interview above.

Pastrnak has been absent from recent Bruins practices, reportedly because he is believed to have come into contact with someone else who tested positive for COVID-19. DeBrusk says he doesn’t know much about the whole situation other than what’s already public.

“I’m not really sure, to be honest, how to really comment on that because I know guys were skating before training camp in different arenas, from Warrior, and just getting their workouts, certain guys, especially guys from here like [Charlie] Coyle and Wags [Chris Wagner],” said DeBrusk. “So, they’re having a group of guys go out there while we’re skating at Warrior before training camp. So, I mean, I guess it’s just it’s good that [Pastrnak’s] on the ice.

Jake DeBrusk didn't sound too concerned about David Pastrnak in a new interview with Toucher and Rich. (Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports)

Jake DeBrusk didn’t sound too concerned about David Pastrnak in a new interview with Toucher and Rich. (Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports)

“Obviously, we’d prefer him on the ice with us. But like I said, it’s kind of an unknown thing for us as players sometimes. We get to go through this quarantine and all these different protocols the league has. So that’s kind of what I guess he’s following. And that’s – I mean, now that there’s pictures of it, obviously, I think we know that as an organization. So I don’t really know. But that’s just kind of my take on it.”

DeBrusk added that he played the FIFA video game with Pastrnak earlier this week and he’s anxious to get back with the team.

“I mean, he’s … Still ‘Pasta,'” said DeBrusk. “He still brings that kind of vibe and that energy. So I’m not necessarily worried about him, but he definitely is antsy to be on the ice and wants to be part of the group. Anytime that you’re, I guess, sitting out or kind of out of the group picture, it always kind of hits a little bit different, obviously. But he’s in good spirits and he’s excited to get going. I’m not actually worried about on the ice. He’s a player.”

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