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New jack Edwards & The Stack (Hour 4)

On this hour: We are starting to see some results on flattening the curve for Covid 19 cases.  We need to listen to Dr. Fauci.  People are having "F" the Coronavirus parties and getting arrested.  New Jack Edwards and The Stack features the return of SNL this weekend, plus more!

Toucher & Rich: Bert Breer and Kenny G-Sus (Hour 2)

On this hour: Encouraging news from Dr. Fauci on the potential of open beaches and Baseball this summer.  Rich loves the fact that Lebron may not win another title.  Bert Breer discusses the NFL draft and the logistics of it.  Plus what the Patriots and Jets could do.  Who's breathing so heavy?  Fred is uncertain…

Toucher & Rich: Raccoons, Wildlife & The Stack (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Dealing with Raccoons, Bats and other wild life.  Can you kill them or no?  Many calls come in on the legalities.  Tommy Lee says the Motley Crue tour will still go on despite Covid 19.  The most likable and unlikable single season Boston Sports teams.  

Toucher & Rich: Brookline 911 & Julian Edelman keeps us safe (Hour 3)

On this hour:  T&R play a best of and today is a man who couldn't buy beer because he was too drunk.  Julian Edelman put out a video about keeping safe from the Coronavirus and Fred's cat has stunk up the room he's working out of.  Trump was asked about Joe Exotic.

Toucher & Rich : Bank Roll Boys and Virtual Seders (Hour 2)

On this hour:  The bank Roll Boys discuss heavy betting including NBA 2K, NFL MVP and even Harry Potter.  Fred and Mike Lockhart had Seders for Passover on Zoom and it was a lot of old and confused people.  There's many worries over the NFL draft next week.

Toucher & Rich: Tom Brady's Big Ball (Hour 1)

On this hour:  The NBA is holding a Horse competition.  Tom Brady was on Howard Stern yesterday and addressed a lot of things.  including the time he was hit in the balls.  Michael Hurley is losing it.  Al Michaels said Tom Brady told him he was unhappy before the Ravens game.  Rex Ryan says he'd…

Toucher & Rich: Rhode Island Sea Monster & The Stack (Hour 4)

On this hour:  T&R go back to a great moment when we met the Rhode Island Sea Monster.  Dana White is ready to go with the UFC from a secret location!  Tom Brady was on Howard Stern and was swearing, Talking boozing and weed and says he knew he was leaving before the start of…

Toucher & Rich: John Harbaugh Is Worried About "Bad Actors" Hacking The Draft (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Wallach has framed Ken Griffey cards cards at his home office.  People are still congregating  in public spaces in Boston.  With the NFL draft going fully virtual, John Harbaugh is worried about bad actors.  Cassidy addresses the unknown about a potential return to the season.  Chris Sale talks about players being quarantined…

Toucher & Rich: Will Brinson and The Stack (Hour 4)

Will Brinson from CBS Sports joins the show and discusses the Dolphins reportedly like justin herbert over Tua.  How will a virtual NFL draft be and will Ernie Adams be hiding behind a plant at Belichick's house?  Are the Covid 19 numbers from New York encouraging? The Stack features Don't be a maniac at a…

Toucher & Rich: Mike Gorman & UFC coming soon? (hour 3)

`On this hour: T&R re-live the time Nick was at Machine and Rock N Roll Mike came in singing Def Leopard.  Mike Gorman calls in and discusses life in quarantine.  Dana White says the UFC is coming soon and he has plans for fighting on a private island.

Toucher & Rich: Tom Brady Says Goodbye....Again (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Wallach is broadcasting from home.  Lots of baseball card talk.  Tom Brady says goodbye again.  McShay didn't have great things to say about Stidham.  Donald Trump says people are tired of watching sports from 5 years ago.  Could Baseball be coming as soon as May?  NHL has some plans of their own.

Toucher & Rich: Joe Murray & The Stack (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Joe Murray calls in and breaks down Wrestlemania from Gronk to the bone yards with the Druids.  Was he high? Churches in America are still packed in some areas. Mostly because poeple are covered with the blood of jesus.  The Stack features Nascar driver Bubba Wallace losing a sponsor for the dumbest…

Toucher & Rich: Rex Ryan Loves Feet But Not Amari Cooper (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Today's T&R bracket features "Ace on the case".  Daniel Kaplan from the Athletic details what sporting events in America will could look like heading forward when they do return.  Rex ryan is under fire for calling Amari Cooper a turd.  Now he says he's sorry

Toucher & Rich: Jonathan Kraft (Hour 4)

Fred and Rich are broadcasting remotely from home while Jon Wallach is in-studio. President of the New England Patriots, Jonathan Kraft, joins the show to talk about partnering up with Governor Baker to bring masks from China to first responders and medical professionals. Also, fart court.

Jonathan Kraft details Patriots' efforts to deliver over a million surgical masks to the U.S.

Patriots president Jonathan Kraft joins Toucher & Rich to talk about the team's latest efforts in the global battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Kraft details the work that he and his father Robert Kraft did with members of the Patriots organization and the Mass. government to secure 1.7 million surgical masks from manufacturers in China.…

Toucher & Rich: Eating Challenge & Esoteric (Hour 3)

Fred and Rich are broadcasting remotely from home while Jon Wallach is in-studio. Fred shares some actual good news regarding the pandemic. Sean Grande did a play-by-play of Jay King eating a bunch of food. Esoteric joins the show and debuts his new Coronavirus song

Toucher & Rich: Albert Breer & Beverly Hills Recap (Hour 3)

Fred and Rich are broadcasting remotely from home while Jon Wallach is in-studio. Ray Lewis’ ridiculous Hall of Fame speech. Albert Breer from the joins the show. Jon Wallach gives a Beverly Hills 90210 recap while Fred and Rich were temporarily disconnected.

Toucher & Rich: Cool Cat Robert Kraft & Brady’s New Crib (Hour 1)

Fred and Rich are broadcasting remotely from home while Jon Wallach is in-studio. Governor Baker and Robert Kraft team up to get masks to first responder & hospitals. Tom Brady is renting Derek Jeter’s mansion in Tampa Bay. There could be a solution to how to handle the remaining NBA games of the season.