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Toucher and Rich: Jason Mastrodonato Talks Red Sox, and More on Sports Betting (Hour 3)

In the third hour, Jason Mastrodonato from the Boston Herald joins Ryan and Mike to talk about the red hot Red Sox and how Alex Cora has really had an affect on this team. They continue the conversation about what a big deal sports betting is going to be.

Toucher and Rich: Brian Robb Talks Celtics, Sports Betting Takes, and More with Johnston & Flynn (Hour 2)

In the 2nd hour Ryan and Mike, who are in for Toucher and Rich talk about the affect sports gambling in certain states is having on athletes and how much money is being funneled into it. Brian Robb from the Boston Sports Journal joins the guys to talk about what he's seen in summer league,…

Toucher and Rich: Johnston & Flynn Are In And Catching Up On The Weekend (Hour 1)

Johnston and Flynn are in for Toucher and Rich this morning. They start the show by announcing that Flynn has accepted a position of Head Football coach at the local high school and what that means for those kids. They are now old pros at broadcasting from the new studios in DOT. And, the Red…

Toucher and Rich: Hardy Tests His 'Andy Griffith Show' Knowledge in 'I Rule' (Hour 4)

On this hour: It's Hardy's turn to play "I Rule". Hardy tests his knowledge of the classic 'Andy Griffith Show'. ... Calls come in ripping Sarge. Sarge and Bird call in. ... It's the final show in the Brighton studios. What was this building before TV and radio?

Toucher and Rich: Famous Middle Fingers (Hour 3)

On this hour: Famous Middle Fingers. ... The Red Sox won again last night. Mookie Betts had an amazing at-bat that ended in a grand slam. David Price got a standing ovation when he exited the game. The red Sox are searching for their next closer. Why not pay Kimbrel? ... Fred praises the intern, but doesn't know his name. Then…