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Toucher and Rich: Jim Breuer Joins T&R And Remembering The Sox Worst Celebration (Hour 4)

On this hour:  Comedian Jim Breuer joins the show and discusses playing in Medford tonight.  Getting hate from Patriots fans.  Opening up for Metallica and more.  The Stack features Antonio Brown speaking and Ben Roethlisberger up to old tricks still?

Toucher and Rich: Stories From Detroit Include Wood & BBQ Sauce (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Bert Breer sticks around and T&R take calls and discuss why Kaepernick to the Patriots would be a good thing.  Stories from Detroit:  Wood on the highway &a not taking no orders from a woman.  Squatters throw BBQ sauce at a reporter.  What are your kids listening to?

Toucher and Rich: The Cleveland Browns Win! (Hour 1)

On this hour:  The Red Sox clinched the AL East last night.  An update on the banner guys from Malden.  The Browns have won a football game!  Baker Mayfield looked good but Fred doesn't like him.  JR Smith went shirtless after the win.  Red Sox win the AL East and T&R go over all the…

Toucher and Rich: New Belichick Book Author Ian O'Connor Joins The Show (Hour 4)

On this hour: Ian O'Connor author of "Bill Belichick The Making Of the Greatest Coach of All-Time" discusses writing his book, totally whiffing on Belichick when he was first hired and more.  We hear more from the guys who found the banner.  The Stack features The Super Bowl Halftime Show, Mike Tomlin speaking on Antonio…

Toucher and Rich: Two Heroes Have Found The Red Sox AL East Banner (Hour 3)

On this hour: Yesterday two heroes found the missing red Sox AL East Champions banner that they didn't know was missing.  They tell their story and give demands on giving the banner back.  Dave Richard from gives his week 3 fantasy football advice.  Plus more audio from the banner guys is played.

Toucher and Rich: The Bank Roll Boys Discuss Heavy Betting (Hour 2)

On this hour:  The Bank Roll Boys from the Over/Under 98.5 podcast go over there favorites and games they won't touch this week.  T&R go over the Red Sox.  Fred goes over a story from a fraternity that left former Cowboys tight end Jay Novacek's son with brain issues.  Calls come in on fraternity stories.

Toucher and Rich: ESPN report says Brady was uncertain about this year in March

On this hour: It's picture day at the Sports hub.  'Ernie' calls in.  The red Sox lose to the yankees.  A new report from ESPN says Brady was uncertain about playing in March.  Saban didn't like Belichick's rules on talking to the press.  The Steelers now may lose Antonio brown.  Judd Sirott and Andy brickley…

Toucher and Rich: Mike Giardi Discusses Josh Gordon & The Stack (Hour 4)

On this hour: Sexy Pesci from our Red Sox recap calls in.  Jayson Tatum got some new tattoos.  Mike Giardi from the NFL Network calls in.  Mike discusses Josh Gordon and if the risk of signing him is worth it.  The Stack features the Emmys with bad jokes and shows you probably don't watch

Toucher and Rich: Josh Gordon Is A Member Of The Patriots (Hour 1)

On this hour:  Wallach got crushed on Twitter yesterday for his anti-Gordon to the Patriots take.  We hear from Tom Brady, Hue Jackson and others about Gordon.  Nick found two guys who got tossed from the Red Sox game, one was trying to get famous on Instagram.

Toucher and Rich: Bob Socci, Shark Attacks On The Cape, And The Stack (Hour 4)

On this hour: Patriots play by play announcer Bob Socci joins T&R.  Bob discusses yesterday's loss to Jacksonville and gives his thoughts on Josh Gordon as a possible future Patriot.  A man died on the cape over the weekend due to a shark attack.  The Stack features Marky Mark daily routine, Fortnite addiction and more. …

Toucher and Rich: Fred Joined The Chip Chipperson Podcast (Hour 3)

On this hour:  Fred joined a live taping of the Chip Chipperson Podcast Friday night.  It didn't go so well.  Nick Gemelli and callers join in on how it went.  Around the NFL: Vontae Davis retired at halftime of the Bills game.  Another week, another tie.  Steelers looked terrible and Mahomes threw 6 touchdown passes…

Toucher and Rich: Patriots Lose In Jacksonville & Josh Gordon To The Patriots? (Hour 1)

On this hour:  The Patriots looked awful.  The offense couldn't get going and the defense was terrible.  Could Josh Gordon end up on the Patriots?  Also, the Red Sox win.  Sale pitched 3 innings.  Johnny Gomes had a lot to say about Mayors and Mookie.  Plus more!

Toucher and Rich: "Jaguar-ing," Red Sox Win, & Trash Talk (Hour 1)

On this hour:  It was a scary day in North Andover, Andover, and Lawrence yesterday.  Gas explosions have many people out of their homes.  The Red Sox win but the bullpen was an issue again.  Gronk was asked about Jalen Ramsey.  Ramsey says he'd hit his grandmother if he had to.  Bad Celtics news for…

Toucher and Rich: Get Your 'First to 100' T-Shirt (Hour 4)

On this hour: Hot off the presses, get your 'First to 100 Wins' T-Shirt. ... Wallach isn't sold that the Red Sox will make any noise in the playoffs. ... Lions fans hate Matt Patricia. ... The Stack features "Cold Cuts McCartney" and a skunk stinking up the Raiders' tunnel, which was most likely the…

Toucher and Rich: Recapping The 30 Pounds of Weed Sent to the Office (Hour 3)

On this hour: A large box was shipped to the station yesterday. It contained 30 pounds of marijuana and nobody knows anything about it. Luckily for us, every news station came up with corny puns to report on it. ... Dave Richard from CBS Sports joins the show and discusses this weeks fantasy football outlook.…

Toucher and Rich: Troy Brown In-Studio To Talk All Things Patriots (Hour 2)

On this hour: Former Patriots receiver and team Hall of Famer Troy Brown comes in studio for the second hour. Troy discusses his different experiences playing for Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells, and Pete Carroll. Troy also covers his "dumbest" teammates and a lot more.