New England Patriots

Nobody knows exactly what now-retired Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski is going to do next.

One of the biggest personalities sports has to offer, the 29-year-old Gronkowski could start a new life as an actor (it’s easy to imagine Gronkowski becoming an action star). He could host a game show. He could work the desk for some NFL pregame shows. Or he could even try to become a professional wrestler for the WWE.

Something the WWE’s chief brand officer and the daughter of billionaire icon Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, acknowledged as something she’d be interested in making a reality.

“Anybody who has a real big personality– I’d love to have Gronk in the ring. Conor McGregor, huge personality,” McMahon told TMZ. “It’s really about bringing in the biggest personalities with the best athletic ability.”

McMahon was then asked directly if the WWE has had any discussions with Gronkowski and his camp about stepping into the squared circle. And while she didn’t give it a direct yes or no, she didn’t give it a firm denial, either.

“We are always having conversations,” McMahon said.

WrestleMania 35 takes place this Sunday night at MetLife Stadium.