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Nobody is claiming that Tom Brady had a great game in Super Bowl LIII. But he was certainly better than Jared Goff and did more than the Rams quarterback needed to do in order to win. And no one with a rational mind is denying Brady’s status as the GOAT at this point.

Unless you’re Rob Parker.

The endlessly controversial FS1 host (in New England, anyway) continues to come unhinged at every turn with his crusade against Brady, and he’s relishing the opportunity to point out that he didn’t have his best game overall in his latest Super Bowl victory. And he even fell back into the same trap he’s already set for himself multiple times, going so far as to claim Brady won’t win another Super Bowl ring.

“You know he’s not getting a seventh ring, stop it,” said Parker on FS1’s “Undisputed”. “He was lucky to get a sixth ring. Tom Brady was along for the ride. Can I remind you about the Super Bowl? Tom Brady looked more like Peter Brady. He had no touchdowns, one interception, and one fumble … he was so bad in that game they couldn’t even give him MVP. They gave it to a wide receiver who didn’t even have a touchdown in the game. All I’m saying is, thank god his defense gave him this Super Bowl, like it was a parting gift. … Tom Brady looked all of 41 years old. He did not look like the guy who everybody thinks is gonna play until he’s 50 and hes defeating Father Time.”

But what about, you know, that clutch fourth-quarter drive with those big throws that led to the only touchdown of the game?

“Alright he got one or two,” Parker continued. “But I’m saying for the most part, if you watched that Super Bowl and looked at Tom Brady, there’s no way you’re looking at that saying they’re gonna repeat that or Tom Brady is gonna lead them to another Super Bowl. That was more of the Rams not showing up for that Super Bowl and the defense won it, not Tom Brady.”

Another pathetic showing by the most irrational, stubborn Brady hater on the planet. Even Parker’s co-hosts couldn’t help but laugh in his face throughout these takes.

All this means is Brady has another chance to prove Parker wrong. Then maybe a year from now, he’ll say there’s no chance he’ll win No. 8.

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