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  • Tom Brady left New England for Tampa Bay more than two years ago. Michael Felger has been taking phone calls from Patriots fans with theories of Brady’s exit ever since. On Tuesday’s edition of Felger and Mazz a caller, Ernie, finally made Felger boil over on the subject. He followed with this epic rant…

  • Transcript

    Caller Ernie: Do you really think Brady wanted to be here for a rebuild. I give Belichick credit for stick….

    Felger: Ernie he wanted to be here for a rebuild. He asked for a contract. They wouldn’t give it to him. I’m so sick of hearing this. I can’t take it.

    Caller Ernie: (inaudible)

    Felger: ERNIE! ERNIE! ERNIE!. ERNIE! I just. I have to get this off my chest because I can’t stand it anymore. Ernie, listen to me.

    Caller Ernie: (inaudible)

    Felger: Stop talking for a minute. Stop talking. STOP!

    Caller Ernie: *keeps talking

    Felger Ernie: Ernie, ERNIE!

    Mazz: Drop him.

    Felger: Why did Brady keep asking for contract extension? I just hung up on you. Listen, why did he keep asking for contract extensions every year? He asked for contract extensions every year. Every year? And he did that with bad receivers, good receivers. He kept asking for a contract. Why then? Why do you and others keep saying, Do you think Brady wanted to be here for the rebuild? Why did he keep asking for contract extensions? Why? Because he was going to be here. He wanted a contract. He wanted an extension. He wanted to finish his career here. Okay. So they didn’t give him the contract, so he left. Why don’t you get that? If they had offered him the Drew Brees contract, he’d be here. He’d be here with N’Keal Harry. He’d be here with Phillip Dorsett. He’d be here with Dalton Keene and Devin Asiasi and all the garbage that they’ve tried to rebuild with. He’d still be here. He would have signed the contract. He asked for that contract. So why do you say that he wouldn’t be here for Rebuild? He asked to be here for the rebuild with a real contract and they wouldn’t give it to him. How many times you have to be told that before you can get that through your thick skull? He didn’t leave because of N’Keal Harry, and I’m sure he hated N’Keal Harry. I’m sure he couldn’t stand the sight of them. But he still asked for two years and 50 million with the. Here he on the roster. So what are you talking, what don’t you understand? Why do you keep saying that?

  • Mazz: (mischevious laughter)

    Jim Murray: *smirking.


    Tony Massarotti and Jim Murray

    Tony Massarotti and Jim Murray

  • Felger: I mean, really? How many times do we get that? Yeah, he left because he. They left because of deflate gate. Then why do you ask for two and 50? He left because you think you wanted to be here for the rebuild. Why do you ask for two and 50? He wanted to leave because Bill was being to his trainer. Why did he ask for two and 50? If those are the reasons he left. Why did he ask for a new contract every year?