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Felger & Mazz

With the current successful regular seasons of the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics, Felger believes that the New England Patriots have fallen to the “third ticket in town” in a time when they’re usually the “top ticket”. On Wednesday’s Felger and Mazz, Felger gave a solution to the Patriots to get back to making some headlines.

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  • Should the Patriots bring Lamar Jackson in for an interview?

    Felger: I think there’s a distinct lack of buzz with the Patriots. This time of year is a big Patriots time. Going into the tag deadline, the tampering period, free agency, those are big Patriots times. Usually these couple of weeks dwarf the other teams in Boston. And I don’t think that’s going on right now. I think the Patriots right now are the third story in town. They’re third. And the fan bases with the Celtics and Bruins, you know with the Celtics currently not in a positive way necessarily, but they’re more energized than the Patriot fan right now because really all you’ve had, the only thing that’s sexy is…are they going to re-sign Jakobi Meyers? And as Curran would put it, the media “smelling their own farts” on Mac Jones chatter that may or may not have any sort of validity, it may just be a circle session among all of us circulating the rumors that we heard nine truly’s deep. So like, that’s all that you’ve gotten, which has led me to this….I think the Patriots should bring in Lamar Jackson for an interview if for no other reason other than the thing I just talked about.

    Jim Murray: Buzz.

    Felger: It doesn’t cost you anything. You got to fly them out, can you? And you know, these cheap-ass owners, I don’t even know. But that’s what it’s going to cost you. Fly them out, host them for a visit. Boom! Buzz! I am under no delusion that they would ever give him $50 million a year guarantee or to give him the contract. Never mind give up the draft picks. But so what? Fake it. You hate the Ravens, right? Goose ’em. Bring in their quarterback. Give him an interview. Generate some headlines. Get back on the front page. Doesn’t cost you a thing.

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