Wicked Fall Guide

Wicked Fall Guide

Like a good scare?

Here it comes, it’s that time of year again, ghosts, goblins, scary stories and for the not faint of heart it’s haunted house season. The folks at Boston Magazine have compiled a list of the best the bay state has to offer. We have distilled the list down to the best 7 haunted in Massachusetts. The good news is, most of them are within an hour to 90 minutes away. That will give you enough time to pump yourself up and chill on the way home.

Writers Madeline Bilis and Camille Dodaro say “We love a good homemade haunted house, but if you’re searching for a semi-professional scare, look no further than these spooky attractions in Massachusetts and beyond. They’ll give you all the chills and thrills you need this Halloween.”


Why do we love Haunted Houses?

Not everyone loves them, but the folks that do want to be good and scared and want their monies worth. They hope to leave feeling as though they have escaped a near life and death experience. That’s why today’s haunted house is not your grandfather’s idea of one. Long gone are the days of sheet covered ghosts or corpses that rise from the casket to give you a jolt. Now it’s not uncommon to be asked to sign a waiver before starting the adventure to protect the business from any potential mental or physical suffering that may come being so overly frightened.

Over the top?

You should be aware if you plan on attending or visiting one of these fine establishments that you might be shocked at the level of gruesomness that awaits you. These places are not looking to give you a little tremor. They want you to experience a certain level of terror. Not so much that you will lose your mind, but enough to question your decision to enter in the first place. If you’re the daring type that wants to feel all the chills, these are the best places to visit.


From Boston Magazine, (Note: In general, most venues leave age appropriateness up to parents or recommend no kids under 10-12. In other words, make wise judgments and try to not traumatize your children for life.) 



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