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A column by Andrew Callahan and Karen Guregian in The Boston Herald on Thursday shed light on the dysfunction within the walls of Gillette Stadium this season. While speaking to Zolak & Bertrand, Albert Breer of The MMQB added more context as to how Patriots quarterback Mac Jones may have contributed to the dysfunction.

  • Did Mac Jones make things hard on Matt Patricia and Joe Judge?

    “One of the things that happened in the middle of the year that wasn’t in the story that I thought was really interesting was when [Bailey] Zappe went in there and they started to do some things that were simpler and they created layup plays. And this is in some defense of of Matt [Patricia] and Joe [Judge] and I know there was a point where they were trying to tell Mac like, ‘listen we’re going to give you some layups where it’s going to be seven easy yards and we’re going to get in 2nd-and-3 and like just do what the play is telling you to.’ And my understanding is he would rail back against that a little bit, you know, and but the thing has just gotten so poisoned at that point.

  • Syndication

    Patriot coaches Joe Judge and Matt Patricia confer as they talk with QN Bailey Zappe as QB Mac Jones studies his play list on his wrist after Jones was replaced by Zappe during the 2nd quarter.
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    “And they used Bailey as an example. Like we are trying to create layups for you because early in the season, they weren’t doing that. And then they tried to incorporate it. and I think at that point things become so bastardized. But it’s like the answer is therefore you let the offense work for you. And I think that the relationship had fractured to the point that by then, I think valid reasons, Mac just didn’t trust it.”

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