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Dallas City skyline at dusk, Texas, USA

With the first REAL road trip for the Patriots on tap this weekend (last week against the Jets in miserable weather doesn’t really count) I have returned with another road trip guide for those of you heading down to Big D for perhaps the first time.

If you’ve never been before, if nobody’s told you yet, that whole “everything’s bigger in Texas” saying exists for a reason.

Dallas is enormous, nothing’s really close to anything else, it’s kind of a gigantic pain in the ass to get around, and more often than not when people are talking about something “being in Dallas” it very well could be somewhere NOT in Dallas, and it’s actually located in Addison or Irving.

So know that going in so you’ll be better prepared, and do please consider my list of 5 “do’s and don’ts” for the Pats fan’s trip to Dallas.


No matter if you think it was Lee Harvey Oswald on his own, the Chicago mob, or the CIA (it was them) it’s worth seeing the famed X on Elm St. in Dealey Plaza simply for the fact it’s the sight of one of the most infamous moments in our nation’s history.

It’s just one of those “you gotta” tourist attractions, right up there with the 9/11 memorial and the Grand Canyon. If you’re going to the area, and you’ve never seen it, you gotta see it.

I also think it’s worth visiting because if you’re a devout skeptic of the “official” story of the assassination like I am, when you see how close the Texas School Book Depository is to the aforementioned “X”, even I left there feeling: “Maybe Oswald WAS that fast and accurate a shot?”

Where JFK was Shot

Photo: Big Jim Murray

  •  2.    DO:  GET SOME TEXAS BBQ!

    There’s a handful of favorites in and around Dallas that people love, like the Lockhart Smokehouse, the Porch, and Rodeo Goat. However, for my money, I’d highly recommend you head to the Deep Ellum area, and hit up Terry Black’s.

    The brisket at Terry Black’s is without question the standout, with a rich smoky flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture.
    It’s one of the must-try items on their menu.

    In addition to the meats, they offers a variety of classic Southern sides like coleslaw, potato salad, and pinto beans.

    Do know that Terry Black’s BBQ can get quite busy, leading to long lines.
    This is a testament to their popularity, but it’s a good idea to be prepared for potential wait times, especially during peak hours.


    Photo: Big Jim Murray


    Located a little bit away from the city in Frisco, Wild Pitch is a Dallas area institution that’s a sports fan’s dream. Tv’s seemingly in every sightline, good pub grub, and most importantly a staff that could best be described as “what if someone took Hooters and decided to push it as far as possible without getting shut down.”

    The girls are all super friendly, and it’s worth seeing at least once.

    So if you’re looking to kill a few hours on Saturday while sucking down some suds and watching the games, this should be your destination.

    Wild Pitch

    Photo: Big Jim Murray

  • 4.   DO:  GO SEE BIG TEX!

    One of the great things about the scheduling of this game, is that it coincides with the Texas State Fair, just like it did back in 2015.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t line up with the Red River Rivalry like it did 8 years ago, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun at the legendary State Fair.

    It’s Texas’ equivalent of The Big E, or The Topsfield Fair on steroids, and it’s where you can gorge on a wide variety of unique and sometimes outrageous food offerings. Vendors compete to create the most creative and indulgent dishes, including deep-fried everything, from Oreos to butter.
    You can also find classic fair food like corn dogs and cotton candy.

    There’s rides, junk to purchase, livestock, classic cars, rodeos, petting zoos and more.

    Of course, you can’t leave without taking a photo of you n’ the boys in front of the iconic “Big Tex”!
    One of the most recognizable symbols of the Texas State Fair is “Big Tex,” a towering animatronic cowboy who welcomes visitors with a friendly, “Howdy, folks!”

    Big Tex

    Photo: Big Jim Murray


    Worth seeing alone for the fact that it’s the only Gentlemen’s Club I’ve ever been in that’s decked out like a hunting lodge from the ol’ West.
    It’s laid back, dimly lit, classy, top notch service, and the roster of dancers is stocked with whatever floats your boat.

    It’s a lock that at some point during your weekend someone’s going to recommend a strip club, so why not make it the one that’s been known as the best in Dallas?

    The Lodge

    Photo: Big Jim Murray

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