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Beetle And Hardy: Scandals will factor into Tom Brady’s legacy

After Tom Brady was tied to the Miami Dolphins latest tampering scandal, Beetle and Hardy believe this pattern of him being caught in different issues will have a stain on his legacy. [audio mp3="https://985thesportshub.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/88/2022/08/HARDY-AND-BEETLE-ARTICLE-AUDIO.mp3"][/audio] Beetle: The end of Belichick's career, and you write that story, the scandals will not be far from the headline. Right? Whether it's Spygate, it's Deflategate, it's all the picks they were docked or, you know, the way he went about conducting his business as an NFL head coach, Right. That's always going to come up, the way he left the Jets and then the scandals in New England and it didn't come without controversy. We've heard that so many times. Is that not true of (Tom) Brady? Should Brady have some of that with him, too? We know Deflategate he was a central character in that, central figure in all it. And now he's involved in yet another severe punishment of an NFL owner, in which he is a central figure and central person in the plot. Does that now carry with him when his career is all said and done? Yes, greatest winter, greatest quarterback of all time. But man, he found his way into a bunch of bullcrap in his career, too. Does that factor in for him? Hardy: I think it has to. Beetle: I think it does too Hardy: I think it does. I mean, when you look at the totality of it and you're considering all aspects, yeah. The short answer is yes. McCarthy: Okay, but does this have the staying power of something like Deflategate, or is this the type of story that in three months, six months from now, you kind of forget and will casually appear in coversation? Beetle: But it's still him involved. And Deflategate is on his record already. Hardy: Now, here's what we said about this at the start, right, when we talked about this yesterday. Does it happen all the time? The tampering aspect of it, right?. Is this something that we believe goes on in the NFL all the time? Beetle: To some degree, yes. Hardy: All right. So maybe it's not that big of a deal. And I heard Felger & Mazz taking that approach yesterday. That's fine. But you have to be consistent because I don't remember a lot of people who were going after Brady in Deflategate saying, -giving him the same wiggle room, saying like guys all over the league screw around with the footballs and why is this such a big deal? You know, you have to be consistent with it and you have to take a side as to whether or not, if it's egregious in terms of the tampering and something that's been going on for a long time, just like I believe the tampering of the footballs here to be in New England to be egregious. You Have to apply that same, you know, level of scrutiny to Tom Brady both times. If you want to hear more of the conversation, tune into the first hour of Zolak & Bertrand to hear the full discussion. It can be found here: https://985thesportshub.com/podcasts/zolak-bertrand/ Follow @ZoandBertrand on Twitter and @zoandbertrand on Instagram to keep up with the show!

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