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Matt Dolloff and Ty Anderson start off with a quick look at the COVID-19 outbreaks in the NFL, before transitioning into the baseball season (6:34). The guys slip into a wild movie tangent, making dozens of references as they go back to the ’90s (9:59). Ty has to take care of an issue in his apartment and they swap apartment horror stories (20:52). Stories about their favorite game shows as kids and when they learned to swim (25:45).

As the guys maintain their mental health amid the most tumultuous year of their lifetimes, Matt tries to sell Ty on yoga and meditation. Ty isn’t having it (33:38). Matt is dreading the newest technology creeping into the NBA, which reminded him of the show Black Mirror (37:24). They address the Bubba Wallace controversy and the social media discourse surrounding it, which Matt viewed as a failure all-around (43:42). Twitter mobs are feeling more like a dystopian nightmare every day (52:14).

Both top presidential candidates are a mess, while cancel culture and the destruction of statues across the country are distracting from the real issues (58:12). The Hockey Hall of Fame begins announcing 2020 inductees, which launches Matt & Ty into reminiscing on their favorite players from past eras (1:24:34). Ty discusses his story about Jack Eichel and why it’s too early to expect the Bruins to get him (1:36:10). For his final thoughts, Matt envisions a world where people are off Twitter and having normal conversations again, if only for our mental health (1:49:14).

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