Matt & Ty are itching to get back to movie theaters. Restaurants, not so much. (0:36) Baseball is an absolute disaster right now, and nobody involved should get anyone’s sympathy. (4:57) The NBA is close to returning, but Kyrie Irving decided to be a turd in the punch bowl. (15:57) It gets back to baseball as news comes out about the potential return of the season. (25:08) COVID-19 cases are spiking in some states and dropping in others. Could this affect the return of the NHL season as they determine their hub cities? (30:11)

Bruins defenseman Kevan Miller has had about as unfortunate a string of injuries as one can imagine, and it’s heartbreaking to see. (48:15) Comedian Chris D’Elia is in BIG trouble after dozens of accusations of sexual misconduct with underage girls come out in one night. (55:29) Matt is done trying to have real discussions or learn anything through social media, so he’s trying out this amazing invention called “books.” (1:00:43)

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