Boston Red Sox

By Matt Dolloff,

Admittedly, it didn’t feel great when the Yankees beat the Red Sox in Game 2 of the ALDS. How would they win one game, let alone two in Yankee Stadium to stay alive?

Turns out they had little problem at all disposing of the Yankees. Or the Astros. Or the Dodgers. Under new manager Alex Cora, the Red Sox transformed as a playoff team as they steamrolled their way to a World Series championship.

Cora took notice of the panic and doubt percolating in Boston when they were tied 1-1 with the Yankees. He may have heard some of the panic and doubt emanating from the very airwaves here at 98.5 The Sports Hub. So he addressed it during the Red Sox’ World Series celebration on Wednesday when he took the microphone – and promptly dropped it with a resounding thud.

“Think about it. The New York Yankees, yeah, the sky was falling,” said Cora. “We lost Game 2 and it was panic here, everyone was like ‘Whoa, it’s over!”

And then, the money quote: “We scored 16 at Yankee Stadium. Suck on it.”





You can tell that Cora is a former player, and a former Red Sox player at that. He clearly doesn’t care for the Yankees, having also played for the Mets and Dodgers. He and the Red Sox shoved the bats and balls down every doubter’s throat during their dominant World Series run, so he most certainly deserves to have a mic-drop moment.

Fair to say that there shouldn’t be so much panic next time the Red Sox face some adversity.

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