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Toucher & Hardy

Toucher & Hardy

  • Rich Shertenlieb: First of all, obviously, we miss Fred. Fred is not in today and yesterday he was out as well, as you heard on from on Wednesday. Fred’s voice took a turn for the worse. He was calling it acid reflux on the air and it just did not get better. And yesterday he said that he lines something else with the doctor. This has been something that Fred has been dealing with since the beginning of the year, and I feel awful for him because he’s truly and believe me when I say this, he is doing everything he can to get his voice back. And if you work in our industry, there’s nothing more infuriating than not having your voice. Now, from everything he’s told us so far, it’s it’s nothing serious medically. It’s just sometimes crap like this can happen. He’s once again getting it looked at.

    So I reached out to Fred and “I said, Hey, Fred, I know you can’t talk, but if you want to, would you like to give me a statement to read to the people?” And Fred said, Absolutely. So he sent me this this morning.

  • Fred Toucher

    Fred Toucher at the Wilbur Theatre


    “No one wants to go on the IR, but I realize that radio is a physical game and it’s what you sign up for when you put on those headphones every morning. I’m just pushing through my throat rehab right now, getting a little stronger after each session. I want to thank Coach Radzik for the support. Of course, Rich and the boys continue to do tremendous work. My family for all having my back. But most of all, hail Zeus the God of gods. And the reason we have not been eaten alive by the troll people.”


  • Nick Gemelli is a Producer for the Toucher and Rich program and contributor for you can follow Nick at @NickGemelli on Twitter.

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