Zolak & Bertrand

Zolak & Bertrand

Tom Brady is doing a little bit of everything after announcing his retirement from the NFL back on February 1st.

From attending the U.S. Open to watch Novak Djokovic, to countless romance rumors floating about, joining Raiders ownership, and now making history with YouTube superstar Mr. Beast.

Even after trying to shutdown any rumors about a possible return, Brady can’t even stop himself from hinting that football is still on his mind.

Looks like someone doesn’t want the spotlight to fade from him…

  • If you’re looking to get people talking about you online, working with Mr. Beast seems like the perfect collab partner.

    He currently is dominating the internet and is 3rd all-time in YouTube subscribers. This latest collab with Tom Brady and Pete Davidson only took it to another level, as they racked up 47 million views in 24 hours to become the second most watched non-music YouTube video within that time frame. Currently, the video is now up to 81 million views.

    Now, Mr. Beast was only bumping one of his other videos down in the rankings, but this video has been taking over the internet since it dropped.

  • Looks like there was a Pete Davidson cameo as well

  • In this video, Brady was set-up with a challenge by Mr. Beast to hit his drone, which was floating off the yacht. Brady didn’t believe he was going to hit the drone, but it looks his accuracy hasn’t left him yet as he hit it on the first try.

    Before making the throw, Brady said if he hit the drone he’d have to consider unretiring, and now those rumors he tried to shut down have a little bit of life again. The GOAT still has it.

  • Outside of the football stuff, one interesting component of the video is Brady finally settling into his family time.

    It’s a side we haven’t seen very much over his career, and despite him keeping his football career somewhat alive, it points to the transition taking place.

    This is the new era of Tom Brady. Social media hype and a family man.

  • Still… expect plenty of teases in the coming months and even this season when it comes to him unretiring.

    Brady’s social media team knows how to create buzz, and they’re going to exhaust every avenue possible to keep him in the headlines.

    So far, it has him making YouTube history. Different than making history on the field. But history nonetheless.

  • Check out the full video below

  • Gotham Chopra discussed Brady finding his way in life

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