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Toucher & Hardy

Toucher & Hardy

Toucher & Hardy

393633 01: Actor George Wendt, known as Norm on the sitcom "Cheers", looks at his beer August 23, 2001 on opening night at the "Cheers" bar in Boston MA. Drinking with him is owner Tom Kershaw who also owns the Bull & Finch Pub, which the popular sitcom is based on. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

A dedicated and enthusiastic 98.5 The Sports Hub listener found joy in matching each station personality with characters from 1980s sitcoms.

In an email addressed to Fred, a listener named Ryan aligned the sports hub team with iconic figures from television’s golden era.

Fred Toucher discovered his on-screen counterpart within the realm of “Family Ties,” while Wallach’s match emerged from the world of “ALF.” Hardy was humorously paired with a character from “Night Court,” and Dan O’Brien’s counterpart hailed from “Magnum, P.I.” Additionally, Gemelli was humorously linked with a character from “Gimme a Break!” and Zo with a character from “Mr. Belvedere,” among others.

These matchups highlighted both classic sitcom charm and the unique personalities of the 98.5 The Sports Hub team. BOnus: The list also includes what their love interest would be.

But I don’t want to spoil the fun!


  • Fred Toucher as Nick Moore from "Family Ties"


    Fred, the host of the morning show, finds his sitcom counterpart in Nick Moore, Mallory’s love interest from “Family Ties.”

    THE PLOT: “Family Ties” follows the Keaton family, where the parents, former hippies, navigate raising their children, including their politically conservative son Alex P. Keaton.

    LOVE INTEREST: Sarah Powell from “Charles in Charge.”

  • Wallach as Willie Tanner from "ALF"


    Known for his sharp wit(?), Wallach embodies the patience and understanding of Willie Tanner, the father figure from the sitcom “ALF.”

    THE PLOT: “ALF” follows the misadventures of Gordon Shumway, an alien nicknamed ALF, who crash-lands into the suburban home of the Tanner family and hilariously integrates himself into their lives while avoiding capture by government authorities.

    LOVE INTEREST: Harriet Winslow from “Family Matters.”

  • Hardy as Judge Harry T. Stone from "Night Court"


    With his humor and intellect, Hardy channels the quirky yet compassionate Judge Harry T. Stone from the legal comedy “Night Court.”

    THE PLOT: “Night Court” provides a comedic look at the chaotic antics of Judge Harry T. Stone and his colleagues in a Manhattan municipal court.

    LOVE INTEREST: Kristin Carlson from “Day by Day,” played by Courtney Thorne Smith.

  • Dan O'Brien as Higgins from "Magnum, P.I."


    Dan’s adventurous spirit and Hawaiian escapades find a fitting match in Higgins, the refined yet mischievous character from “Magnum, P.I.”

    THE PLOT: “Magnum PI” features Thomas Magnum, a charming private investigator in Hawaii, solving cases while enjoying the island lifestyle.

    LOVE INTEREST: Mrs. Johnson from “Punky Brewster,” Cherrie’s mom.

  • Gemelli as Nell Harper from "Gimme a Break!"


    Gemelli’s warmth and kindness align perfectly with Nell Harper, the caring housekeeper from “Gimme a Break!”

    THE PLOT: “Gimme A Break” revolves around Nell Harper, a no-nonsense housekeeper, who takes care of the Kanisky family after the passing of their mother.

    LOVE INTEREST: Carla from “Cheers.”

  • Zo as George Owens from "Mr. Belvedere"


    Zo’s composed demeanor and sage advice mirror the sophisticated butler George Owens from the classic sitcom “Mr. Belvedere.”

    THE PLOT: “Mr. Belvedere” showcases the lives of the Owens family as they adjust to having a British butler, Mr. Belvedere, in their suburban home.

    LOVE INTEREST: Sgt. Dee Dee McCall from “Hunter.”

  • Beetle as Dennis Blunden from "Head of the Class"


    Beetle’s infectious energy and good-natured humor draw parallels to Dennis Blunden, the lovable goofball from “Head of the Class.” His love interest? Susan Sugarbaker from “Designing Women.”

    THE PLOT: In “Head of the Class,” a diverse group of gifted high school students challenges their teacher, Mr. Moore, with their wit and intelligence.

    LOVE INTEREST: Susan Sugarbaker from “Designing Women.”

  • Felger as Michael Hogan from "The Hogan Family"


    Felger’s paternal presence and dry humor bring to mind Michael Hogan, the understanding father figure from “The Hogan Family.”

    THE PLOT: “Hogan Family” focuses on the Hogan family’s trials and tribulations, led by Valerie Hogan, a working mother, and her supportive husband.

    LOVE INTEREST: Jennifer Lyons-Appleton from “Perfect Strangers.”

  • Mazz as Buddy Lembeck from "Charles in Charge"


    Mazz’s affable personality and laid-back charm resonate with Buddy Lembeck, the easygoing friend from “Charles in Charge.”

    THE PLOT: “Charles in Charge” follows the misadventures of Charles, a college student turned live-in babysitter, as he navigates life with the Pembroke family.

    LOVE INTEREST: Jo Polniaczek from “The Facts of Life.”

  • Jim Murray as Murdock from "The A-Team"


    Jim’s unpredictable antics and quirky charm reflect the eccentric personality of Murdock from the action-packed series “The A-Team.”

    THE PLOT: “The A-Team” follows a group of ex-United States Army Special Forces who work as soldiers of fortune, helping those in need while evading the law.

    LOVE INTEREST: Katherin Papadopolis from “Webster.”

  • Jimmy Stewart as Joe Divola from "Seinfeld"


    Jimmy Stewart’s mischievous demeanor finds a parallel in Joe Divola, the enigmatic character from the iconic sitcom “Seinfeld.”

    THE PLOT: “Seinfeld” offers a portrayal of comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s life in New York City, surrounded by his unique friends.

    LOVE INTEREST: Sapphire from WWF Survivor Series 1989.

  • Joe Murray as Jason Lochnivar from "Jake and the Fatman"


    Joe Murray’s steadfast determination and unwavering integrity echo the principled character Jason Lochinvar from “Jake and the Fatman.”

    THE PLOT: “Jake and the Fatman” centers on J.L. “Fatman” McCabe, a district attorney, and his investigator, Jake Styles, as they tackle high-profile cases in Los Angeles

    LOVE INTEREST: Bonnie Brindle from “Small Wonder.”

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