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Move over, upside down pineapples! There’s a new symbol to tell people you’re into swinging: Color-coded loofahs!

  • loofah

    Purple, turquoise, and orange loofahs hang from a silver rack against tile in the bathroom.

  • They may clean your body — but the sponges are also apparently a sexy signal for people who are getting down and dirty.

    Residents from the Florida retirement complex the Villages, which are known as being a “wild retirees getaway,” have been caught on video displaying loofahs on their cars, allegedly to distinguish their swinging sexual styles.

  • According to the New York Post, A Redditor, who claims to have worked at the Villages for three years, suggests the loofahs simply help residents find their own vehicles since “all the retirees drive similar cars.”

    Another Reddit user made a helpful guide:

  • loofah

    Redditors posted a guide to “Loofah Code” explaining what the different colors mean.
    Reddit / austinstuff

  • Fred, Rich and Ryan Johnston (who’s father is thinking about moving to the Villages) discussed this during this morning’s show. Listen to the clip below!


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