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New England Patriots

New England Patriots

On Tuesday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Mike Reiss of didn’t put the Patriots loss against the Dolphins on the play-calling from Matt Patricia and the rest of the coaching staff. Instead, it was a lack of execution from the players on the field.

  • Mike Reiss isn't putting the blame on the coaching staff

    Mike Reiss: I would just say this. I mean, I I don’t know if you guys agree or disagree on this, but I didn’t think this game was about necessarily play-calling. Maybe take out a run to Ty Montgomery on second and seventeen. That to me would be one, get that one out of there, but other than that I mean I didn’t see any delay of game penalties. Could they have got calls in faster? Maybe a little bit that’s fair. But I didn’t think this was as much about the play calling, the scheme I’ll leave to him, I thought it was about execute. I actually thought they moved the ball.

    Zo: I think you should have been around the entire preseason to sit there and watch and practice what we saw, then watching the games and then to have a totally different outlook as to, okay, this is what they opened up with. Bob (Socci) and I were like, Wow, okay, maybe they got something here. And I think what they ran in that game was what they worked on for two weeks. I think they threw a lot of stuff out and maybe, maybe they’re still playing catch up here.

    Mike Reiss: I think that’s it Zo.

    Zo: Lets condense it. Let’s find out what we do well and let’s go with it. If Rhamondre Stevenson turns a corner and holy crap, he did it then he did it again. Guess what, I’m gonna run third time. I’m running fricken toss again. So I think he is right. And I even brought this up before, earlier today. I think there weren’t a lot of plays in this game by them. It wasn’t that diverse, but it’s part of what we do well, run it. That’s part of the confidence build.

    Mike Reiss: This goes back, guys, to what we talked about last week. Like this offense is very much at the beginner phase of of what it is. They changed a lot.

    Zo: Yeah, you mentioned the learning, guys are still learning.

    Mike Reiss: So they don’t have as much of a a volume of what they can do. They ran two personnel groupings.

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