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  • On Wednesday’s edition of Zolak and Bertrand, Mike Reiss of ESPN gave his explanation about why Kendrick Bourne has had such a rocky training camp after breaking out last season.

  • Explaining Kendrick Bourne’s quiet training camp

    Beetle: To bring up another receiver, Kendrick Bourne, who has not really caught anyone’s attention this camp. Wouldn’t he have had some sort of advantage coming in offensively, having played in San Francisco, having played with (Kyle) Shanahan. If he did, he hasn’t really used it to his advantage. I don’t think he’s been much of a factor.

    Mike Reiss: This was a tough couple of days. I don’t know if you guys talked about it yesterday, but I was watching right at the start of practice, second play of 11-on-11 drills, and the referee actually went up to him and said, you need to come off. Because he didn’t have the knee pad on.

    Beetle: Bill was pissed.

    Mike Reiss: Did you see it?

    Beetle: Yes.

    Mike Reiss: And you know, we’re not supposed to report what Bill says.

    Beetle: We already did. He went over and reamed Troy Brown and told him to get everybody in line.

    Mike Reiss: Basically, the message on something like that is like, how can you come out here and not be ready to practice? And so the one thing I’d say with with Kendrick, is that Josh McDaniels and Kendrick had like a connection. When they signed Kendrick, I believe like that was a Josh McDaniels special. Like, Hey, this guy can be great in what we do. And so this is a little bit of theory work for me, but I think as they do their new stuff, like it doesn’t surprise me that maybe Kendrick isn’t looking like the Kendrick we saw last year because maybe that adjustment to whatever they’re transitioning to has been a little bit rocky for him.

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