Felger & Mazz

Felger & Mazz

Felger & Mazz

If you have not heard the story about Michael Felger getting his mother’s car stolen on his family trip to New Orleans, here you go! You are welcome.

If you HAVE heard this story, we have an update for you!


  • How it happened

    Felger and his family went to on a trip to New Orleans to visit his daughter at college for parents weekend. Felger’s parents are both in their 80’s and drove down to New Orleans from Florida.

    Felger borrowed the car to take his daughter and friends to a show downtown at Tipatina’s. The show was sold out, so he double-parked on the corner to try to get them in. There was just one problem with that…he left the keys in the ignition. When they came back  a few minutes later,  the car was gone!

    The New Orleans police department did not show up to the scene and have not been very helpful with the case so far.

  • The entire thing was captured on a neighbor’s ring camera

    Luckily enough, the house they were parked in front of had a ring camera and recorded the whole thing. Apparently, Felger and his family were seconds away from witnessing the car being stolen themselves!

  • The investigator FINALLY called Felger back!

    The police officer said that they have been reviewing the video and were investigating why it was so easy for them to steal the car. Felger figured out that the police might think it had been an inside job because it happened so quickly and the keys were left inside of  the vehicle.

  • Police asked him how he got home that night

    Inferring it may have been an inside job, police asked Felger how he got home that night. Luckily Felger was able to track down his Uber receipt…

  • The police report was incorrect

    It turns out, the Nola police didn’t seem to take the incident very seriously, as the police report was messed up in several places. It appears that it was copied from an old report, referring to Felger as a SHE half the time, and including statements about a “Miss Williams” who no one knows.

  • Good luck with that Felger!

    We will keep you posted with more updates.

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