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Joe Murray Musings from the Felger and Massarotti show on Friday, July 7th, 2023:

-Leaving a gas pump spot while shopping
-Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian
-Victor Wembanyama security doesn’t know who Britney Spears?
-People who litter at the beach should be fined heavily

A billboard advertises cellular networks, including Africell Holding...

A billboard advertises cellular networks, including Africell Holding SAL, above a gas station in Banjul, Gambia, on Tuesday, June 27, 2023. Gambia's $1-billion economy depends on tourism for nearly a... Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images



Joe Murray: I kind of want to vent about stuff that has really nothing to do with sports. First, I always got to get a grip out of the way. Have you guys ever gone to the gas station? You try to get into the pump and the person that’s at the pump is inside the store, not pumping gas. Happened to me on my way in to say.

Felger: Like, every time.

Joe Murray: Like they just go into the parking spot. Don’t take up the damn gas tank.

Felger: Oh, I misunderstood what you said. I am sorry, Joe. I know this is not a segment supposed to argue. You’re just supposed to muse, so I’m sorry. No pushing back.

Joe Murray: Go ahead. But I need a gas today. I got stuck on 95 because it’s backed up two miles or whatever it is. My gas tank says two miles to go, and I get into the gas station and there’s a guy at the pump not pumping gas inside. Getting a coffee. Yeah. Like I road go into a parking spot. Don’t take up the gas pump. Can I give you, can I give a just some advice to people out, please? Can you pump it and then you just walk inside of the store? I look to see if the person got gas just so I could give them a pass. Yeah, because sometimes you do go in, you get something, you pay and then you leave, you know. But nope, I grilled them. Very upsetting.

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  • Tom Brady at the French Open watching Novak Djokovic.

    Jun 11, 2023; Paris,France; Tom Brady and Jelena Djokovic in attendance for the Novak Djokovic (SRB) and Casper Ruud (NOR) menÕs final on day 15 at Stade Roland-Garros. Mandatory Credit: Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports



    Joe Murray: I did want to just bring up a couple of things that are happening. You may see Tom Brady in the news. I suppose he’s never going to not be in the news, by the way. But now it’s about women. You know, who’s he with? Who’s talking? He. So there was a Reuben Party on the 4th of July. Robert Kraft was there. Tom Brady was there. And, well, it looks like Tom Brady may have been friendly with one Kim Kardashian out.

    Ted Johnson: Come on. Oh, no, no.

    Felger: That’s not good. Why is that not good? Well, because.

    Ted Johnson: I wanted to hang out with her.

    Joe Murray: That was my very good. Oh, but here’s the deal, though. Two divorces, right? Hanging out? Yeah. Yeah. What’s the problem?

    Felger: It’s no problem.

    Joe Murray: It’s no problem.

    Felger: Do people have a problem with this?

    Joe Murray: Some people don’t like. They think it’s a Kardashian curse. But if he’s not married anymore, what’s the curse?

    Felger: What’s she cursing? Post-career?

    Joe Murray: It could be some.

    Ted Johnson: Dude bad, bad business deals.

    Joe Murray: I mean, they know he lost 30 million and some.

    Felger: Okay. Can I give a Musing on that? I feel this has been misreported that Brady and Giselle lost a combined $48 million in the FTC’s collapse. Brady 30. Giselle 18. They didn’t really lose this money. People don’t you understand? It’s not like Brady invested. It’s not like Brady wrote a check to Sam Bankman-fried for $30 million. No, no, no. Brady did a commercial and promotions for FDX. Bankman-fried paid him in stock worth 30 million. The stock went to zero. Brady didn’t lose that money. He never had it. Don’t you get it? There’s a big difference between investing that money and it going to zero and being promised that money and it never materializing. Huge difference. So he didn’t lose it. He just didn’t gain what he was promised. So I think people have this sort of backwards. It’s it’s not great, but it’s not like he lost $30 million. Sorry.

    Joe Murray: Go ahead. No target. But I have no problem. If Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian want to get it on, I am completely fine with it because the.

    Felger: Power couple, to me, its good luck and couple.

    Joe Murray: You know what? They have a great television show, great ratings. I think Brady could add to it. We could learn a little more of that as well.

    J-Stew: Who has more buzz, Super G or Kim Kardashian?

    Joe Murray: Kim.

    J-Stew: So could this be Brady’s attempt at getting more buzz than Super-G? Because I love it.

    Joe Murray: Sure has more positive buzz, though. Oh, Kim’s. Don’t you think Kim’s bigger? She’s the biggest star in the world. Bigger than one of them.

    Ted Johnson: Yeah. Yeah.

  • Britney Spears

    Joe Murray: You probably saw the video of Victor Wembanyama minions, his security team, Britney Spears, saw him, knew who he was. Came up from behind him, tried to grab him on the shoulder, and then the security hit her arms, which hit her in the face.


    Felger: So there’s video of this.


    Joe Murray: Yes, TMZ showed it today. I did share it. If you have Twitter, Mike.


    Felger: I don’t, but I’m going to Google it. Go ahead.


    Joe Murray: But anyways, my whole thing is this. It’s okay if Victor Wembanyama security doesn’t know who Britney Spears is, but who doesn’t know who Britney Spears is? She’s I mean, I know we haven’t really seen her in 20 years, but still, How can you not forget the schoolgirl outfit? Does she still look like Yoshi Spears? She looks exactly like Britney from years ago. Okay. Hit me, baby. One more time. Oops, I did it again, slave. Who doesn’t remember all these? Security guard? Maybe he was only like, 20 years old. Maybe he literally was born in a hurry. Looks a little older to me. All right. Who would do that to Britney?


    Felger: So your issue is with Victor Wembanyama and his people for not knowing what was going on there, Not knowing who that was. Yeah.


    Joe Murray: Britney Spears, she’s one of the most iconic people of the last 30 years. You don’t think she’s one of the young Madonna made out on stage? That was big news. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now that you mention it, maybe you’re right. I don’t know. Finally, over time, one more. And I know I know you.


    Felger: I’ve got a whole musing on this. What was the thing that she did? A whole special on the conservatorship where she’s like this some victim, like she’s being held hostage by this conservatorship.


    Joe Murray: Her father.


    Felger: Yeah, it saved her life. If that thing wasn’t put in place, she would have died, It saved her life and her family’s life. So, like, I know people, like, felt she was trapped or held hostage. I feel differently on that thing.Go ahead.


  • Cape Cod beach at sunset


    Joe Murray: Just one more, I vacation down in Dennis. That’s Dennis Port down the Cape. It’s one of my spots. And the Mayflower beach got absolutely trashed. So there was a couple of news stories about down the Cape. Some of the beaches were trashed. Litter everywhere. Mayflower Beach in particular, which I like. I frequent often. But I think people who litter on the beach should be fined extra. Like this should be a $500 minimum. Fine. When I go to the beach, I pick up my trash, I see the trash cans. I even put it back in my cooler when I when I drink at the beach. But if you actually are trashing the beach that you go to, you should be find out.


    Felger: Can I back up this, please? If you litter period, you’re a bad person. Bad people litter. Bad person.


    Ted Johnson: Bad person.


    Felger: The I mean, what depresses me is our highways or the exit ramps. So are there a holes out there? I mean, there must be. Who just toss stuff out the window?


    Ted Johnson: We’re all sharing this planet. We’re all in this thing together.


    Felger: Respect for where you live. We’re in this thing together and or other people, or you’re just going to. You. You. There’s. There must be thousands of these people that chucked stuff out their window. Yeah. What kind of Turbo asshat do you have to be to do that? And on the beach, all the beaches. And Murray the beaches, we go to Nantucket. I think people do a really nice job. They don’t even have garbage cans at the beaches. Most of the beaches down there. Be close. No, no, that’s not what we’re talking about. You bring out what you bring in. Yeah, whatever you bring out to the beach, you bring back with you, you A-hole. And if you leave anything, you are some first class A-hole.


    Joe Murray: And preach, bro.


    Felger: Oh, my God. The littering thing down. That one. Just pick up your crap. It takes a second. Don’t throw it out the car window. We knew it was that when you were a kid or man. Tthere used to be whole campaigns on littering. We need to bring those back. Because littering to me is one of those things where it’s a it’s a sign of decay, the societal decay. I’m with you. There’s such a small, simple thing. You don’t just throw your crap and leave it. I could go on the rest of the show about this one.


    Joe Murray: Happy birthday to a happy 83rd birthday to Ringo Starr. Jim Gaffigan is 57 years old. Michelle Quan, 43 years old as well. That’s all I got for your birthday.


    Felger: Ringo Starr, one of the underrated drummers in rock n roll history, is a great drummer. He never gets the credit for it because he was always sort of like the bozo fourth Beatle. He was a good.


    Joe Murray: Drummer, great solo artist as well.


    Felger: All right. Thank you, Murray. Appreciate it. Okay.

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